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We are a story told long ago to heart and soul. A couple of chapters is all we wrote, though, there is the most unbridled love ever I allowed myself. In that innocence of youth there was such fire, such stars and such passion; never to be forgotten, forevermore.

Journalist and Best Selling Author, Aurora Rose Reynolds
fire kissI’m

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I never imagined I’d feel the sweetness of a boyhood first kiss a second time. You have taught me that magic of long ago was never lost. It was within waiting for your arrival.

German-born Swiss poet, novelist, and painter Hermann Karl Hesse
6d9a5c601b7b0a8025f74ef6e2bc4380At the first kiss
I felt something
melt inside me
that hurt in
an exquisite way.
All my longings,
all my dreams
and sweet anguish,
All the secrets
that slept deep
within me came awake,
Everything was
transformed and
Everything made sense.

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mi amor,
Estoy contento con sólo usted, pero me largo para un beso. tu linda boca es tan sensual y me deja sin palabras. Usted me cautivan, me excita y me hacen llegar a las estrellas de los sueños, el amor y la emoción.

Adaptado de http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/what-i-love-about-you
married on the beachHermosa chispa de los ojos,
La calidez de la piel,
Aliento en mi cuello,
Niego con la interior.
El toque de mi amor,
El olor de su pelo,
y el cuerpo junto al mío,
Un toque suave,
Ese sentimiento interior.
Un abrazo compasivo
La creencia en lo que tiene que ser
El latido de nuestros corazones
Decir que los dos de nosotros
siempre debe vivir como uno.
Es por todas estas razones
y un centenar más
¿Por qué Te quiero tanto ……


my love,
I am happy with just you, but I long for a kiss. your pretty mouth is so sensual and leaves me speechless. You captivate me, excite me and make me reach for the stars of dreams, love and emotion.

Adapted from http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/what-i-love-about-you
married on the beachBeautiful eyes sparkle,
The warmth of the skin,
Breath on my neck,
I shake inside.
The touch of my love,
The smell of her hair,
and body next to mine,
A gentle touch,
That inner feeling.
A compassionate embrace
Belief in what has to be
The beating of our hearts
To say that the two of us
must always live as one.
It is for all these reasons
and a hundred more
Why I love you so ……

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My Darling…
In my car at sundown on a Summer Sunday evening with the windows open and music playing we made out like teenagers. That’s a memory I will never forget. You touch my heart, mind and soul as no one ever has.

New York Times Bestselling American author Sarah Addison Allen
kissing in the carIt was the best first kiss
in the history of first kisses.
It was as sweet as sugar.
And it was warm,
as warm as pie.
The whole world opened up
and I fell inside.
I don’t know where I was,
but I didn’t care.
I didn’t care
because the only person
who mattered
was there with me.

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…was “sugar” to my Grandmother when she was kissed on the cheek. Her smile when one of us kids “gave her some sugar” is indelibly stamped upon my heart. I feel like she must have when you kiss me on my forehead.

From the novel “I Say Who, What and Where!” by Merce Cardus
5-benefits-of-kissingcNo matter
where we
come from,
a little
is what
demands in life,
what everybody
needs in life.
It’s perhaps the
main ingredient
that keeps
us alive.

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…causes goose bumps every time we begin to kiss. My lips touching yours sets off a chain reaction within I can not explain, but accept openly as love deep and true fired by a passion new in its strength and vigor.

A poem titled “Peace” by Robert Byers
MarriageAmendmentinNorthCarolinaLike water
rushing down a hill
singing on its way
Like sunlight
over windowsill
dawning of the day
Our love sprang
quickly into life
Growing stronger
as we went
And since you
said you’d be my wife
Evermore I’ll be content.

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I love…
…how you get “goose bumps” and shutter with delight when I kiss and nibble on your left shoulder. In such moments we melt together. Reality beyond us no longer exists.

From the song “Do You Long For Me Tenderly” by Elsa Schieder,
Angel Navarro photodo you long for me tenderly
do you long for my embrace
do you long for me tenderly
do you long to touch softly
your palm to my face
do you long to hold me
do you long to caress
do you long to love me
with tenderness

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