We Keep Trying

I am connected to you and always will be. We drift apart and come back together, each time a little closer. So many differences and yet so much love. And so we keep trying for each other, even in those times we part.

American photographer, song writer and author Dominic Riccitello
if it
than trying
and failing.

Before It Had Scars

Dear Lady…
When I think of you my heart feels like when it was young before the scarring of heartbreak. I am blessed by your presence there. So easily you glided past my habitual walls and have taken up emotional residence within me.

Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer Khalil Gibran
broken-love-svetlana-sewellLove has
no other
desire but
to fulfill
To melt
and be
like a
brook that
sings its
to the night.


Image: Broken Love Photograph by Svetlana Sewell


If Love Was Enough

My Darling…
Have we come to the end of our road together or only a bend in the road? Must we part for a while so that one day we can appreciate each other more? Or, is it over? If love was enough, there would be no questions.

Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher Confucius
troubled-relationship tallIt is easy
to hate
and it is difficult
to love.
This is how
the whole scheme
of things works.
All good things
are difficult
to achieve;
and bad things
are very easy
to get.

In the Now

My Love…
Only when living one day at a time is there peace in my heart. When the past begins to haunt or the future asks “what will be” I get lost. In the present there is peace in the love I feel for you. In the “now” my heart thrives.

Albanian Catholic Sister and missionary Mother Teresa

majd-ujra-lesz-nyar-how-i-love-now-001-587x388Do not think that love
in order to be genuine
has to be extraordinary.
What we need is to love
without getting tired.
Be faithful in
small things
because it is
in them that
your strength lies.

Betting On Our Joy

My Love…
Either we are headed toward the unfolding of a beautifully rich love story or a genuinely horrific tale of heartbreak. The deciding scale is strongly tipped toward your actions and choices. Joy or grief? I’m betting on our joy!

American novelist, playwright, poet, and social critic James Baldwin

To Love Another

My Darling…
Loving you is not easy sometimes. We are unlike in many ways. I knew from the start there would be challenges. Just know the place you have in my heart is permanent and I’ll walk with you through anything. I love you.

Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke
lovetrustquotesFor one human
being to love
that is perhaps
the most
of our tasks;
the ultimate,
the last test
and proof,
the work for
which all other
work is but

Greatest Day of My Life

I love you beyond any chance I have of fully expressing it to you. I say the words but they can’t explain the depth of my feelings. I have never felt before like I do about you. You’re my ‘forever girl’.

American romantic writer and producer, Nicholas Sparks
1469900_645992922119247_1529492150_nYou are
every reason,
every hope
and every dream
I’ve ever had,
and no matter
what happens
to us in the future,
everyday we are
together is
the greatest
day of my life.

When Most Irrational

My Darling…
A logical man would fear loving you as I do; an overly sensible one would pick at the uncertainties till our romance was bleached clean of its goodness. Love is not supposed to make sense. When most irrational, is when it’s real!

From “Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life…” by Steve Maraboli
HEART_ON_FIRE_Wallpaper__yvt2The batshit
kind of love
that makes
no sense
at all…
and at
the same time…
all the sense
in the world…
That is us…
You and me;

The Glow and the Glimmer

My Darling…
We are different, yet perfectly matched. Our dissimilarities are the sparks that vibrate around us making our lives exciting and never old. How we are alike is the glue that stabilizes our love so we can enjoy the glow and the glimmer.

Found on line – ayuliyana.tumblr.com

article-0-1ADA867B000005DC-706_634x460editYou don’t get to choose,
you just fall in love.
And you get this person
who is all wrong
and all right at the same time.
And you know that
you love them so much
except sometimes
they just drive you
completely insane
and no one can explain it
and the reason it so confusing
is because it’s love.
But if love didn’t
have any challenges,
what would be the point?

With All I Am

I woke this morning with you feeling content and grateful. Never before have I felt more happy. It does not matter to me that the odds are against us making it. I don’t care what others think or say. I love you with all I am.

From the 1992 movie “The Cutting Edge”
22Don’t say
we’re not
right for
each other
the way
I see it,
we might
not be
right for
anyone else.