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…lasts. It endures. It simply is. Like all energy, that of the heart can be neither created nor destroyed. With its wonder and beauty, love can only morph, grow or change form.

“Ebb Tide” by American poet Brian Burke
light-through-clouds-2You’re the gentle breeze
that soothes my heart
And through my soul
your ripples pour.
Within my mind
the storm
clouds part
As you ebb
upon my
body’s shore.

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…can paint full color over monochrome and drown self-doubt with belief. It can replace frail vulnerability with strength and restless thought with clarity of purpose. Love is the re-shaper of lost hope and restorer of faded faith. As food is to the body, love is to the soul.

“He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven” by William Butler Yeats
Notebook and Paper HeartHad I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I,
being poor,
have only dreams;
I have spread my dreams
under your feet;
Tread softly
because you tread
on my dreams.

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…does not require the focus of the heart to be present to be strong and lasting. Mature and secure love lasts whether together or not. The willingness to love from a distance shows love’s greatest depth.

“The Physics of Love” by Charles Brasch
love-is-blind-21645579The mutual magnetism of love
Nullifies every other force
That acts upon two infected bodies.
Even gravity is weakened as
They leap obstacles,
ride on the commonest occasions
Six inches above the unbelieving ground.

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…is this swelling feeling in my chest when I think of you; it is the sparkle in my soul when I recall spending time with you; it is an inexplicable knowing no one will ever touch me like you; it’s an emotional force stronger than any other I’ve known.

Dialogue from the Fox Network T.V. show “The OC”
romance4 editI don’t pretend to know
what love is for everyone,
but I can tell you what it is for me;
love is knowing all about someone,
and still wanting to be with them
more than any other person,
love is trusting them enough
to tell them everything
about yourself, including
the things you might be ashamed of,
love is feeling comfortable
and safe with someone,
but still getting weak knees
when they walk into a room
and smile at you.

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…is tested by time. Like water, some evaporates over time till little to nothing remains. Then there is love that flows onward keeping its depth and fullness like a spring fed pond ever flowing fresh, strong and inviting.

From a Robert Browning letter to Elizabeth Barrett Dec. 31, 1845
victorian_couple_20_by_digimaree-d4ystqk…this is my first song,
my true song –
this love I bear you –
I look into my heart
and then let it go forth
under that name – love.
I am more than mistrustful
of many other feelings in me:
they are not earnest enough;
so far true enough –
but this is all the flower of my life
which you call forth
and which lies at your feet.

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…is deep and true when one can realize being daily with the person of their affection is not necessary for love to survive. To bear that weight in one’s heart gladly at a distance is a certain mark of a mature and healthy love.

Victorian novelist Mary Anne Evans under pen name George Eliot
greater thing
is there
for two
human souls
than to feel
that they
are joined…
to be at one
with each other
in silent

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…in its richest form is rare. If it touches you, decades later its mark will be felt even if long ago you lost the one in your heart. True love really does last forever.

Taken from a poem posted on http://www.booksie.com/ by Barbarolvr93
young-loveForever in me,
you will be.
Forever my love,
sent from above.
Forever in my life,
you are mine.
Forever in my eyes,
you will always shine.
Forever my star,
seen from afar.
Forever my soul,
you make me whole.
You are the one,
I will love, forever.

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