The Richest Part

…sweet and tender is the pinnacle of affection. Even greater than the fire that passion can burn between two people, gentle tenderness is the richest part of loving and being loved.

Lebanese-American artist, poet and writer Kahlil Gibran
and kindness
are not
signs of
and despair, but
of strength
and resolution.

Post #500: More Than I Am

…is the surprise of coming home and finding a card you left neatly tucked by my front door. Reading your words of fondness for me exceed what I can see in myself, yet reading them makes me want to be more than I am.

13th-century Persian Muslim poet and Sufi mystic, Rumi
reading cardYour task is
not to seek
for love,
but merely
to seek
and find
all the barriers
that you have
built against it.

Kind and Understanding Way

…is in its highest form when passion simmers down and loving kindness takes the lead. Until lovers become a friends what is shared is fragile like glass and easily broken.

American composer, performer and filmmaker Meredith Monk
That inner voice
has both gentleness
and clarity.
So to get to authenticity,
you really keep going
down to the bone,
to the honesty,
and the inevitability
of something.

Expressed Plainly

…expressed plainly is an afternoon road trip down Route 66 with no time restraint or particular place to go. It amazes me how we can comfortably talk for hours and hours yet not run out of things to converse about.

Saying taken from an old Swedish proverb
is a
half a

When I Really Need It

…means I will listen when you want to be heard; I will try to understand when you wish to be understood; I will hug you when you need to feel safe; I will hold your hand when you lose your way; and I will tell you how much you matter when you doubt your worth.

An old traditional Swedish Proverb
Love me
when I
deserve it,
I really
need it.

One Created Out of Two

…brings easy sensing of what one’s beloved feels. Happiness spills, sadness trickles, joy drips and grief drops from one person to the other as the border of separated emotions is no longer clear when “one” out of “two” is created.

Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer Kahlil Gibran
Love one another,
but make not
a bond of love:
Let it rather be
a moving sea
between the shores
of your souls.

One True Loving Human Soul

…is said loudly in your quiet words: I was awakened early with the thunder and lightning and smiling, not because it probably woke you up, but smiling because I imagined we were both lying still, listening…

English writer Mary Anne Evans – pen name George Eliot
is the
of one true,

One Moment Longer

I love…
…your soft hands and the gentle way you touch me. Such tenderness can only come from a deeply kind and compassionate heart.

Taken from “ONE MOMENT LONGER” by Jim Nolan
May I embrace you
One moment longer
So that hugging
Becomes Holding.
May our brief touches last
One moment longer
So that aching
Becomes Caressing.
May my heart be in the presence
Of your heart
One moment longer
So that longing
Becomes Loving.

A Grateful Love

I love…
…your kind and thoughtful nature. You would rather see yourself do without than someone you care about. Yours is a truly a giving soul.

By American poet William Carlos Williams
It was the love of love,
the love that swallows up all else,
a grateful love,
a love of nature, of people,
of animals,
a love engendering
gentleness and goodness
that moved me
and that I saw in you.

A Great Comfort

I love…
…when I travel you like me to let you know I arrived safely at my destination. To know someone far away cares as you do is a great comfort.

Ebb Tide by Brian Burke
the gentle breeze
that soothes
my heart
And through
my soul
your ripples pour.
my mind
the storm clouds part
As you ebb upon
my body’s shore.