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I love…
…your soft hands and the gentle way you touch me. Such tenderness can only come from a deeply kind and compassionate heart.

Taken from “ONE MOMENT LONGER” by Jim Nolan
May I embrace you
One moment longer
So that hugging
Becomes Holding.
May our brief touches last
One moment longer
So that aching
Becomes Caressing.
May my heart be in the presence
Of your heart
One moment longer
So that longing
Becomes Loving.

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A Grateful Love

I love…
…your kind and thoughtful nature. You would rather see yourself do without than someone you care about. Yours is a truly a giving soul.

By American poet William Carlos Williams
It was the love of love,
the love that swallows up all else,
a grateful love,
a love of nature, of people,
of animals,
a love engendering
gentleness and goodness
that moved me
and that I saw in you.

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A Great Comfort

I love…
…when I travel you like me to let you know I arrived safely at my destination. To know someone far away cares as you do is a great comfort.

Ebb Tide by Brian Burke
the gentle breeze
that soothes
my heart
And through
my soul
your ripples pour.
my mind
the storm clouds part
As you ebb upon
my body’s shore.

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I love…
…your tenderness and soft touch. It means even more because I know a good bit of your life you have had so little of it. For some pain makes them bitter, but your hurts made you sweet and kind.

From “If I Could” by Harry Boslem
If I could find a song bird,
I’d place it on your windowsill,
To sing the song of our love,
And chase away the morning chill.
If I could find a sweet rose,
I’d place it on your pillow,
To gently scent your sleep’s repose,
With the good smell of tomorrow.
If I could kiss your sweet lips,
I’d kiss them all the while,
Until I lost myself in their softness,
To be found again in your smile.

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