Beautiful and Endearing

I love…
…that you have a mature but childlike tendency to get excited when discovering new things. It is beautiful and endearing to see the sparkle all about you then.

“I Fell In Love” by Andy Hughes
Ever since I met you,
I’ve had these feelings deep inside,
mainly when you hold me,
and look into my eyes,
you make me feel so young again,
and give me feelings I’d forgot,
you make me feel so happy,
with cupids arrow I’ve been shot.

No Heart, No Mind – Just Bone

I love…
…the feeling about you that is inside me. I though such emotion would never come again and am grateful my thinking has been proven wrong.

From “I Thought I Must Give Up On Life” By Nicholas Gordon
I thought I must give up on life
And turn into a stone;
The desert wind quite suited me:
No heart, no mind–just bone.

I laughed at people still in love
Who trusted someone’s word;
To make my happiness depend
On faith seemed quite absurd.

I lay alone and wonder-struck,
Sleepless in my bed,
Still numb, still dumb…ice cold,
Not knowing I was dead.

And then you came and shone upon
My meadow full of snow,
And saw the flowers only love
Could recognize and grow.

Love’s Hope and Possibility

I love…
…that I do not feel so alone anymore.  Having you in my life brings the healing quality of love’s hope and possibility.

From “Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom” by John O’Donohue
When love comes
into your life,
unrecognized dimensions
of your destiny
Possibility is
the secret heart of time.

Never So Vulnerable

I love…
…the comforting feeling that comes from knowing you care about me.  I don’t doubt what you say you feel and trust fully your intentions are good.

American writer, Walter Inglis “Bob” Anderson
We’re never
so vulnerable
than when
we trust someone,
but paradoxically,
if we cannot trust,
neither can we
find love or joy.

A Sparkling Glow

I love…
…feeling you shutter when I kiss your neck and gently press myself close against you from behind. It feels then like a sparkling glow is all around us.

From “Love’s Philosophy” by Percy Bysshe Shelley
See! the mountains kiss high heaven,
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister flower would be forgiven
If it disdained its brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea: –
What are all these kissings worth,
If thou kiss not me?

What is Soft is Strong

I love…
…how much good-natured fun you put into some of the emails you write to me.  Sometimes I just smile.  Sometimes I laugh out loud.  Always I can feel your soft, gentle heart.

Written over 2600 years ago by Lao-Tzu
Water is fluid, soft, and yielding.
But water will wear away rock,
which is rigid and cannot yield.
As a rule,
whatever is
fluid, soft, and yielding
will overcome
whatever is rigid and hard.
This is another paradox:
what is soft is strong.