Beautiful, Wonderful, Mysterious

…cannot be bought or stolen or given. It cannot be avoided or denied. Love is the beautiful, wonderful, mysterious mortar that binds two souls together.

Created by a writer unknown
Do what makes you
Be with who makes you
Laugh as much as you
and Love as long as you

The Knowing

…is the knowing you’ll be there if I need you to comfort me in times of sadness, care for me if I am sick, encourage me if I am down or just sit quietly with me and let time pass.

Thought by German philologist Max Muller
A flower
cannot blossom
without sunshine,
and man
cannot live
without love.

A Smile in My Heart

… is free. It cannot be bought, sold, or traded. No person can make someone love them, nor can they prevent it. Love strikes like lightning, unpredictable and certain. It comes, or not, of its own will and in its own timing.

By American Poet Sheri Daugherty
Here, I am again
sitting alone
about you…
with dreams
that leave
a smile
in my heart.

Spun Into Extravagant Joy

…is a simple thing fully understood by no human of any time. It is the third need of the body: water, food and love. It arrives when it wishes and departs unpredictably. Love is both an affliction and a blessing; pleasure and pain spun into extravagant joy.

Pablo Neruda, Sonnet 12, translated by Stephen Tapscott
Oh, love is
a journey with
water and stars,
with drowning air
and storms of flour;
love is
a clash of lightnings,
two bodies subdued
by one honey.

Onlookers See

…is easily seen, or the lack of it noticed, by anyone who watches a couple interact. Oblivious of anyone looking a couple shows them self truly to the other and to anyone who observes them from nearby.

English playwright and novelist William Somerset Maugham
We are not the same persons
this year as last;
nor are those we love.
It is a happy chance if we,
continue to love
a changed person.

Nothing In Particular

…from a simple view is nothing in particular, but everything in general. It is a delicate spice that flavors every part of living: sadness or happiness, joy or grief, pleasure or pain, delight or fear. Love makes the good better and the bad easier to bear.
Indonesian College Student Angel Flonis Harefa
There will always
be a reason
why you meet people.
Either you need them
to change your life
or you’re the one
that will
change theirs.

Certain but Unsure

…has come to mean a greater variety of things through knowing you. The boundaries have been made wider, the height made taller and the depth made deeper.

“The Contrasts of Love” by James Browning
Love is…
Simple but complicated;
Certain but unsure;
Weak but strong;
Subtle but obvious;
Absolute but intangible;
Permanent but fleeting;
Intangible but distinct;
Vague but clear;
Quiet but deafening;
Clever but simple;
Complete but never finished;
Elusive but easily caught.

“What! You too?”

…is best when it’s mellowed to be deeper than a relationship’s start when selfish need often dominates. When over time trust, compassion and mutual understanding come together to form a foundation something truly special arrives; a true, honest and loving friendship.

Irish novelist and poet C. S. Lewis
is born
at that moment
when one person
says to another:
You too?
I thought
I was
the only one.”

One True Loving Human Soul

…is said loudly in your quiet words: I was awakened early with the thunder and lightning and smiling, not because it probably woke you up, but smiling because I imagined we were both lying still, listening…

English writer Mary Anne Evans – pen name George Eliot
is the
of one true,

So Many Things

…is an eagerly awaited sight of you when we’ve been apart a day or two. It’s the anticipation of a hug when it is delayed by where we are or who we are with. It’s the relaxed and unhurried temporary goodbyes we say.

Taken from “Breathless” by “Rod” from Ontario, Canada
The way
you laugh,
And the way
you cry,
It fills me up
so deep inside.
The way you smile,
The way you care,
It fills me
up everywhere.