More Lasting

Saying I love you sounds too simple. Saying you mean the world to me doesn’t say enough. There is no definition that could truly describe this love.

From “A Year From Wednesday” by James Browning
white treeOur Love is
bigger than
four letters;
Far more
beautiful than
it appears.
Deeper than
can ever
be imagined.
Higher than
possible to
Wider than
a distance
can be measured.
And more lasting
than our lives.

Whatever Price I Pay

My Love…
Time has caused what is in my heart to grow to healthy and strong. All others faded away over the years, but my feelings for you grew. My heart was once in my chest, but it’s yours now. Once given so completely it can not be taken away.

From the song “Old Friend” by Phyllis Hyman
woman running fingers thru his hairI miss the way
you run
your fingers
through my hair
Those cozy nights
we cuddled
in your easy chair
Oh, no,
I won’t let
foolish pride
turn you away
I’ll take
you back
whatever price
I pay

How Blessed I Am

Few things do I unquestioningly know, but one constant never wavers: I love you. I know you are from the inside out to a depth most human beings never experience. How blessed I am to care so deeply and more so to be loved as deeply in return.

American romantic writer and blogger, James Browning
WillRealLoveWait1It comes down to this…
With no
With no
I can say,
“I love you”
absolute clarity
and unwavering

Only A Mightly Love

Loving you is something I can’t stop. There is no controlling my heart. It has yearned for you for so long, the only song I sing is of you. Only a mighty love can survive separation and flourish within distance.

By American Romantic Writer and Blogger, James Browning
great love02Brimming with joy;
An innocent wildness;
Anything less, intolerable.
To be untrue
To this great love
The greatest recklessness.
I love you
And for all time.
Or far.
Or apart.
You own my heart.
Long it has been true;
Far longer it will be.


Sweet One…
Before I realized it, love for you filled my heart. When I discovered the depth of what was there I was overwhelmed with emotion. In every cell of my body; in every corner of my being my love for you fills me.

“Everything to Me” by Catherine (
love lightYou are the light
when there is no sun.
You are the rainbow
after the rain is done.
You are the star
that twinkles in the night.
You are the moon
that glows so bright.
You are the wind
that whistles my name.
You are the love
when the world is the same.
You are the flowers
the bee’s never miss.
You are the beach
the warm sun kisses.

Spun Into Extravagant Joy

…is a simple thing fully understood by no human of any time. It is the third need of the body: water, food and love. It arrives when it wishes and departs unpredictably. Love is both an affliction and a blessing; pleasure and pain spun into extravagant joy.

Pablo Neruda, Sonnet 12, translated by Stephen Tapscott
Oh, love is
a journey with
water and stars,
with drowning air
and storms of flour;
love is
a clash of lightnings,
two bodies subdued
by one honey.