Never Like This Before

Waking up happy with you is a different experience that any I have ever had. Whether we wake up quickly or slowly, are tender or in a fun mood or get lost in passion in each other’s arms… mornings have never been like this before.

From an Hindi film titled “Dil Se” (“From The Heart”)
couple-in-bed 02I love
I love
I love

Start of Our First New Year Together

My Darling…
Last night will be remembered as magical; you in a long flowing dress; me in black and white. At the ball we partied, danced, ate, smoked cigars on the terrace and fell deeper in love; a sweet start for our first new year together.

East Indian writer and essayist Ritu Ghatourey
2014 BrowningWhen we are in a
truly loving
we receive the gift
of being known
and accepted.
We become more,
not less,
of who we are.
We receive
the space
in which to bloom.

The Eyes You Never Had

My Darling…
My life has changed a lot since you appeared. I stay up later and sleep in more. Laughter comes easier. Smiles are more present on my face. Life is more fun, happier and exciting. I’m in love!

Poet, fiction-writer and philosopher C. Joybell C.
str-ly_com_1366667325_954…you can meet
someone one day,
who possesses
the eyes you
never had
but always needed;
the vision to see
and forwards
and all around,
the other wing
that you need
to complete
your flight.

Lovely To Be Silly

…to be happiest should have qualities that allow lovers to be foolish and silly like small children playing joyfully together without inhibition. The openness to naturally “be” without any worry about how each is perceiving the other: that’s true love.

Roman lyric poet Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)
a little
with your
serious plans.
It is lovely
to be silly
at the

The Common Transforms Into Delight

…can make ordinary things seem extraordinary: a ride in the first cool air near fall; a meal with conversation; browsing at a bookstore and buying nothing. The common transforms into delight when filtered through a loving heart.

British novelist and scriptwriter Elinor Glyn
is the
which turns
the dust
of everyday
life into
a golden

A Duet Sung In Harmony

…puts a shine on the dull and colors into the monotone. It is an invisible morsel tasted; a silent note heard; a duet sung in harmony by the heart and soul together.

From “The Zygote Chronicles” by Suzanne Finnamore.
I’ve felt
basically lucky
ever since,
almost every day
of my life.
That’s something
else love
should make
you feel.
It should
make you
feel fortunate.

Falling in “Like”

…is different in middle age. It has its own unique intensity that is far less consumed with desire and far more filled with gentle love like preteen children “like” each other. Falling in ‘love’ is easy. Falling in ‘like’ takes a lot more time.

Popular quote by an original author unknown
It’s so easy
to fall
in love
but hard
to find
who will
catch you.

Often Just Enough

I love…
…anticipating spending time with you. We usually have a good time together and appreciate each other’s company. I am grateful to have you to do things with.  Being alone gets boring!

From Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker known as Marilyn Monroe
It’s often just enough
to be with someone.
I don’t need
to touch them.
Not even talk.
A feeling passes
between you both.
You’re not alone.

Love Like Crazy

I love…
…that even though you like to be busy, with me you can sit still, relax, and be lazy. We’re good together at doing nothing in particular and doing it well.

From the song “Love Like Crazy” by Lee Brice
Be a best friend.
Tell the truth.
And overuse I love you.
Go to work.
Do your best.
Don’t out smart
your common sense.
Never let your
prayin’ knees get lazy.
And love like crazy.

A Great Treasure

I love…
…that you have reached a point in your life where you want to discover the lost child within. Underneath the layers and layers of adult life lies a great treasure: a little girl who just wants to play.

Widely distributed poem by an author unknown
Laugh your heart out.
Dance in the rain.
Cherish the moment.
Ignore the pain.
Live, laugh, love,
Forgive and forget
Life’s too short to be
Living with regrets.