I’m Here

Into the great unknown we go with only one certainty: we want to be together. We have love and respect filled with determination. There’s passion and intimate friendship founded on honesty. I need know nothing else for certain, except you love me.

From “Eat, Pray, Love” by American author Elizabeth Gilbert
senior-couple-walking-country-21235370I’m here.
I love you.
I don’t care
if you need
to stay up
crying all
night long,
I will stay
with you.
There’s nothing
you can ever do
to lose my love.
I will protect you
until you die,
and after your death
I will still protect you

Without a Single Syllable

Lazy Sunday mornings are a favorite times. There is something special about skipping church, sleeping in and snuggling in bed with you. Without a single syllable spoken our love is plainly obvious and clearly expressed.

Found at http://www.lovelylovequotes.com/soulquotes.htm
black,and,white,couple,love,bed,hug,sleeps-c819e33449e5035d7e034a9e4bb18440_h (1)Run your fingers
through my soul.
For once, just once,
feel exactly
what I feel,
believe what
I believe,
perceive as
I perceive,
look, experience,
examine, and for once;
just once, understand.

A Mutual Unrelenting Determination

My Love…
Staying together takes courage and an unwavering desire to protect something precious. Challenges that can tear love to shreds will test us. Only a mutual unrelenting determination to make our love survive and thrive will prevail.

From the romantic comedy film “Little Manhattan”

Highly Valuable

My Dearest…
It’s the ups and downs that continue to prove our love. Whatever challenges come, we work through them quickly because we want to; because we need to; and because our love is cherished and held highly valuable by both of us.

Indian poet and greeting card verse writer Ritu Ghatourey
ecardu7a8f7_18694Love isn’t always perfect.
It isn’t a fairytale or a storybook
and it doesn’t always come easy.
Love is overcoming obstacles,
facing challenges, fighting
to be together, holding on
and never letting go.
It is a short word,
easy to spell, difficult to define, a
nd impossible to live without.
Love is work, but most of all,
love is realizing that every hour,
every minute, every second
of it was worth it because
you did it together.

Many Times

I finally “felt” what I think Valentine’s Day should be about: love, love and more love between two totally committed partners. Thank you for opening up the doors to a whole new life for me.

By an anonymous and unknown writer

Love Me…

My Darling…
Sometimes I worry about losing you. But you have a special way of setting my mind at ease when you say you love me at just the right moment. Hearing “I’m all yours baby” falls sweetly on my ears.

From “Love Poem #17” by Amanda Nicole Martinez
comforting him 2Love me
when I’m happy,
and even
when I’m sad,
Love me
when I’m good,
or when
I’m oh so bad,
Love me
when I’m pretty,
or if
my face is plain,
Love me
when I’m feeling good,
or when
I’m feeling pain.

Deeply Into My Heart

My Love…
I’ve told you my dreams and my worst mistakes. My hopes are safe with you and you accept me in spite of my old wrongs from long ago. I have never dared to let someone see so deeply into my heart.

Irish novelist and short story writer Elizabeth Dorothea Cole Bowen

Till the End of Time

My Darling…
How I feel about you is neither fragile or tentative. My love comes with a certainty that no matter what happens I will always carry you safely in my heart through time eternal.

From the song “Till the End of Time” by Chopin, Kaye and Mossman
643886Till the end of time,
long as stars
are in the blue
Long as
there’s a spring
of birds to sing
I’ll go on
loving you.
Till the end of time,
long as roses
bloom in May
My love for you
will grow deeper
with every
passing day.

Every Breath I Take

My Love…
If you live to be a hundred, I want to be a hundred minus one day. Then I won’t have to live a day without you. The longer we are together the more you are the reason for every breath I take.

From “The Book of Simple Human Truths…” by Molly Friedenfeld
couple olderLove and truth
are intimately
You cannot
have pure love
pure truth
and you cannot
have pure truth
pure love.

To Love Being Loved

… taught me to love myself. I always thought I needed to be more of this or less of that, but your love is accepting of me just as I am. You’ve helped me become a better man; more confident, self-assured and capable of loving.

American author, motivational speaker and a professor Leo F. Buscaglia
tumblr_lvug3kf4Gn1qe5zv7o1_500squareA loving
is one in which
the loved one
is free
to be himself,
to laugh with me,
but never at me;
to cry with me,
but never
because of me;
to love life,
to love himself,
to love being loved