Your Heart Is Invested

… can’t be accurately explained. There are no words that tell the depth, size and strength of what is in my heart for you. It’s as impossible as trying to accurately describe the size of the universe. So, “I love you madly” will have to do.

Quote by an unknown anonymous writer
asian-couple-online-dating2If you love
tell him or her.
about the rules
or the fear
or looking ridiculous.
What is
truly ridiculous
is passing up
on an opportunity
to tell someone
that your heart
is invested
in him or her.

Lovely To Be Silly

…to be happiest should have qualities that allow lovers to be foolish and silly like small children playing joyfully together without inhibition. The openness to naturally “be” without any worry about how each is perceiving the other: that’s true love.

Roman lyric poet Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)
a little
with your
serious plans.
It is lovely
to be silly
at the

The Cynic Has Become The Converted

…is where almost all make mistakes before, if ever, getting it right. Some waste time in a bad relationships. Others marry the wrong person. Some learn what not to do by being mistreated… and so on. Such things are the threshing love does to make us ready.

From “Brushstrokes of a Gadfly” by E.A. Bucchianeri
_49118553_001929397-2Falling in love is very real,
but I used to shake my head
when people talked
about soul mates,
poor deluded individuals
grasping at some
supernatural ideal
not intended for mortals
but sounded pretty
in a poetry book.
Then, we met,
and everything changed,
the cynic has
become the converted,
the sceptic,
an ardent zealot.

Restless Without Each Other

…causes me to sometimes lose track of where I end and you begin. That’s what happens when two souls were meant to be together. Once they touch love together the lovers will be forever restless with out each other. Even their loneliness for one another is full of life.

From “100 Love Sonnets” by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda
4264611133_b9cfdd8566_zI love you without
knowing how, or when,
or from where.
I love you simply,
without problems
or pride: I love you
in this way
I do not know
any other way
of loving but this,
in which there is no I or you,
so intimate that your hand
upon my chest is my hand,
so intimate that when I fall asleep
your eyes close.

Never Stop Looking

…oh, how wonderful to be in love. Everything shines a bit brighter and magic moves into what was common. One feels completely alive and life makes a little more sense. Love is the best reason we have for living.

From “The End of the World as We Know It…” by Robert Goolrick
True-lovers-hug-each-other-as-they-say-goodbye-403x300If you
love from
the ones
who are
meant to
love you,
you will
never stop
looking for it.

Like Day and Night

…is pain. Love is joy. Hearts that have known the greatest joy can best bear the deepest pain. Hearts that have known the greatest pain are best able to know the heights of joy.

From ” Mend My Broken Heart” by Jacelyn Soriano
SasuNaru____Day_And_Night_by_fezakyuuEDITWe cannot love a person
with an all accepting,
transcending and encompassing
love without being hurt somewhat,
without being disappointed,
without being failed
of our expectations.
We cannot love
without being broken,
yet we cannot continue
in love without
being stronger
than our brokenness.

The Slate Under the Chalk

…makes no logical sense. It requires believing faithfully in something intangible that carries immense inherent risk. Joy must be far greater than fear for love to flourish.

From “Vanishing Acts” by American writer Jodi Picoult
back to love EDITLove is not an equation,
it is not a contract,
and it is not
a happy ending.
Love is the slate
under the chalk,
the ground
that buildings rise,
and the oxygen in the air.
It is the place
you come back to,
no matter
where your headed.

Comforting Shade of Another’s Soul

…can be denied, but remains true. It can be outrun, but only for a time. Love shines even in darkness and through time. It is the solace found in a kiss, a hug and an embrace. Love is the comforting shade of another’s soul.

From a letter by Magdalene to Willie posted on 
comfort of loveI know
there’s an ocean
between us,
and I wish
that it weren’t true,
for every day
when I arise,
I yearn to be with you.
Though a lot of distance
lies between us,
you’ll always be
in my mind and my heart,
And every night
beneath the stars,
I pray for the day
we’ll never be part.

Juggling Water

… can’t be captured. Trying to hold on to it is like holding your breath; it only works for a short while. Imprisoning love is as impossible as juggling water.

Writer and philosopher James Browning
FIREPLACE02Love requires
an open-handed heart.
strangles love
and makes it flee.
Setting love free,
empowers it to stay.
Caged love
will escape at first chance.
Free to roam,
love will remain home,
warmed by the fire.

When I Was With You

…truest and most rare, carves itself indelibly into memory. I attempted to forget you and for a time thought I succeeded. All I accomplished was to outrun love temporarily. Then when I wasn’t expecting it you caught up with me.

From “Clockwork Prince” by Cassandra Clare (Judith Rumelt)
woman eye contactI could not tell you
if I loved you
the first moment
I saw you, or if it was
the second or third
or fourth.
But I remember
the first moment
I looked at you
walking toward me
and realized
that somehow
the rest of the world
seemed to vanish
when I was with you.