The Pondered Question

In my dreams I’ve seen you turn with your long hair tossing to cover your face. I have felt you, but never sure if close by or far away. You exist, of that I am certain. Will I ever meet you remains the pondered question.

From “Love & Misadventure” by novelist and poet Lang Leav
face never seen 02There is a love I reminisce,
like a seed
I’ve never sown.
Or lips that I am yet to kiss,
and eyes
not met my own.
Hands that wrap around my wrists,
and arms
that feel like home.
I wonder how it is I miss
these things
I’ve never known.

I Feel You Deeply

When I think of you and remember all that we shared, my breathing is changed. Sometimes it is heavier. At others I end up trying to catch my breath. It is amazing how my love for you effects me. I feel you deeply.

From the song “You Take My Breath Away” by Patti and Tuck
it amazes me
How strong
the power of love
can be.
you just take
my breath away.
You’ve watched
my love grow
like a child,
Sometimes gentle
and sometimes wild.
you just take
my breath away.

¿Por qué Te Quiero Así que

mi amor,
Estoy contento con sólo usted, pero me largo para un beso. tu linda boca es tan sensual y me deja sin palabras. Usted me cautivan, me excita y me hacen llegar a las estrellas de los sueños, el amor y la emoción.

Adaptado de
married on the beachHermosa chispa de los ojos,
La calidez de la piel,
Aliento en mi cuello,
Niego con la interior.
El toque de mi amor,
El olor de su pelo,
y el cuerpo junto al mío,
Un toque suave,
Ese sentimiento interior.
Un abrazo compasivo
La creencia en lo que tiene que ser
El latido de nuestros corazones
Decir que los dos de nosotros
siempre debe vivir como uno.
Es por todas estas razones
y un centenar más
¿Por qué Te quiero tanto ……


my love,
I am happy with just you, but I long for a kiss. your pretty mouth is so sensual and leaves me speechless. You captivate me, excite me and make me reach for the stars of dreams, love and emotion.

Adapted from
married on the beachBeautiful eyes sparkle,
The warmth of the skin,
Breath on my neck,
I shake inside.
The touch of my love,
The smell of her hair,
and body next to mine,
A gentle touch,
That inner feeling.
A compassionate embrace
Belief in what has to be
The beating of our hearts
To say that the two of us
must always live as one.
It is for all these reasons
and a hundred more
Why I love you so ……

Like Butter On Toast

My Love…
I know you, but have no first-hand knowledge. I feel you near, but far away. I have held out for a long time always believing in something I can’t explain. As sure as sunrise you’re waiting for me… somewhere.

From “Water for Elephants” by American/Canadian writer Sara Gruen
live-your-dreams-my-dream-is-23986887-1600-1200I want her
to melt
into me,
like butter
on toast.
I want to
absorb her
and walk
for the rest
of my days
with her
in my skin.

First Time In a Long Time

…makes me wish grand things and imagine bold dreams. If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you made me smile, I would have the whole night sky in the palm of my hand.

From “Succubus Revealed” by American Novelist Richelle Mead
tumblr_m5y9k7oDPX1r3a6jho1_500How we
love others
is affected
by how we
love ourselves,
and for the
first time
in a long
I was

Same Thing At the Same Time

…has me dreaming about you. Most every night there are moments I share with you while sleep has its grip on me. Some feel very real. I suspect you are dreaming the same thing at the same time I am.

Quote by a writer unknown/anonymous

Dreaming_of_You_by_KaszmanIf the
only place
where I
could see
you was
in my