Long Lost Puzzle Piece

…is easy when it is meant to be. Each fits to the other like a long-lost puzzle piece that neither knew was missing. There is no perfection, but true love comes close.

Robert Browning to Elizabeth Barrett Sept 12, 1846
truelove222EDITI look back,
and in every
one point,
every word
and every gesture,
every letter,
every silence,
you have
been entirely
perfect to me.
I would not change
one word,
one look.

The Beginning of Forever

…is never more beautiful that at the marriage ceremony of two happy and compatible people deeply in love. It is the beginning of the “forever” both are risking their dreams for.

Madame De Favras to De Favras January 14, 1790
marriage 01 editMy heart
is intoxicated
with its love
for you.
Never has
anyone loved
as I love you;
and I repeat to you,
with rapture,
that I will devote
each moment
of my life
to prove
my affection.

I’ll Wait For You

…makes my heart yours. Hindsight always seems so clear while what’s ahead appears to be obscured in fog. Time is slowly vaporizing like hazy mist in the morning sun and one day, I too, will evaporate back to where I once came from. If I am the first to go, I’ll wait for you there.

Dialogue from the movie “Moulin Rouge”
to my
can you
hear it
to me
and forgive

What We Should Have Done

…. is always good, no matter how much we may end up hurt by it. From each heartbreak, large and small, come the lessons for the heart. Often we learn what we should have done from doing what we should not have done.

Blogger and spiritual seeker James Browning
5283_1249247960EDITAll the others were
to make me ready for you.
I had to learn
what did not make me happy.
I had to learn
how I made them unhappy.
One by one
they came and went,
teaching me
how to recognize you
when you come into my life.
I’m waiting…

Take the Chance

…says break down the walls, overcome your fear and take the chance. Speak your heart and tell the one you love how you feel. You will end up with no less than before and it’s possible you’ll find what you hoped for.

From “Sense and Sensibility” by English Novelist Jane Austin
GivingRedClothHeartI come here
with no
to profess,
now that
I am at liberty
to do so,
that my heart
will be

A Calm Blue Sky

…is a rising sun whose warmth every heart desires. For some it becomes injured by storms of difference. Others will know ups and downs like those on a partly cloudy day. And for a blessed few, love rises like a single cloud and rests in calm blue sky regardless of what happens.

American romantic fiction writer Nicholas Sparks
450_notebook-the-notebook-1612115158EDITSo it’s not
gonna be easy.
It’s gonna
be really hard.
We’re gonna
have to work
at this every day,
but I want to do that
because I want you.
I want all of you,
you and me,
every day…

Right Now

Love …
…usually arrives unpredictably like a rain shower. No matter how much you try to anticipate its arrival, you don’t really know it has begun until love is upon you.

Written by an unknown/anonymous writer
Couple-Dancing-In-The-RainRight now
you haven’t
met is out
what it
would be
like to
meet someone
like you.

Courage and Understanding

…is most lasting when served with equal measures of courage and understanding; courage to face the difficulties that will try to tear the lovers apart; understanding so those times don’t succeed.

Italian poet, journalist, novelist and composer Arrigo Boito
I fell

The Power To Love

…is a suit of armor for the spirit and a strengthener of will and fortitude. Love amplifies and makes better all that is good and it diminishes and makes the bad easier to bear.

American poet and greeting card producer Susan Polis Schutz
strengthlovegm1This life is yours.
Take the power to choose
what you want to do
and do it well.
Take the power to love
what you want in life
and love it honestly.
Take the power
to walk in the forest
and be a part of nature.
Take the power to control
your own life. No one else
can do it for you.
Take the power
to make your life happy.

A Kind Soul

…will run away when chased and comes when it is least expected. Being prepared for its arrival is unneeded. Love requires only that you open yourself to its possibility when it appears.

American romantic fiction writer Shana Abe
main-page-web EDITTWOI don’t want
the heavens
or the shooting stars.
I don’t want
or gold…
I want…
a steady hand.
A kind soul.
I want to
fall asleep,
and wake,
my heart is safe.