Perfect for Me

My Darling…
“This is not my first rodeo”, but I hope my last. Searching for perfect love meant what I desired was out of reach. You came along unexpectedly and are outside what I thought I wanted, but you’re PERFECT for me. Love wins.. finally.

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spooning tumblr_mcqxjnidgG1rvs5c9o1_500EDITOn one side, there’s the peaceful kind of love; the one that offers stability, comfort, and security. There are fights included, of course, but minor and infrequent ones. It’s mostly a soothing, tender love that dominates the relationship. And you think that’s all you want and need, until… You discover a different side. It’s almost foreign to you and completely unlike the usual, stable type of feelings you get with that other person…but that’s precisely what makes it appealing. A rush. An unknown adventure, inviting you in to discover it. Then it becomes a problem. The tranquility of spotting your lucky bracelet vs the excitement of unfolding a new gift. The boring vs the new, Truth vs passion. Which in the end translates to love vs lust. And what sets them apart, is that love is always worth it.

Through It All

Be with me and I will love you with all my heart always. Through difficulty, grief and pain we will bear life together. Dancing in happiness; embracing in joy; and holding hands through it all. You’re mine; I’m yours.
this one article-1104738-02E29429000005DC-390_468x339editEvery time I see your face,
this feeling inside me
is so tender.
Every time you touch me,
I feel me how much
you love me.
When you put your arms
around my neck,
I could feel your heart beat
saying you love me.
I’ve never been this close
to anyone before;
I just wanna spend
the rest of my life with
you by my side.
By Manu Fernando

¿Por qué Te Quiero Así que

mi amor,
Estoy contento con sólo usted, pero me largo para un beso. tu linda boca es tan sensual y me deja sin palabras. Usted me cautivan, me excita y me hacen llegar a las estrellas de los sueños, el amor y la emoción.

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married on the beachHermosa chispa de los ojos,
La calidez de la piel,
Aliento en mi cuello,
Niego con la interior.
El toque de mi amor,
El olor de su pelo,
y el cuerpo junto al mío,
Un toque suave,
Ese sentimiento interior.
Un abrazo compasivo
La creencia en lo que tiene que ser
El latido de nuestros corazones
Decir que los dos de nosotros
siempre debe vivir como uno.
Es por todas estas razones
y un centenar más
¿Por qué Te quiero tanto ……


my love,
I am happy with just you, but I long for a kiss. your pretty mouth is so sensual and leaves me speechless. You captivate me, excite me and make me reach for the stars of dreams, love and emotion.

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married on the beachBeautiful eyes sparkle,
The warmth of the skin,
Breath on my neck,
I shake inside.
The touch of my love,
The smell of her hair,
and body next to mine,
A gentle touch,
That inner feeling.
A compassionate embrace
Belief in what has to be
The beating of our hearts
To say that the two of us
must always live as one.
It is for all these reasons
and a hundred more
Why I love you so ……

Wonderfully True

My Love…
From the beginning I knew what we shared was special. I hoped with all my heart we would grow together and our relationship would be lasting. The years have passed quickly while my hope became wonderfully true.

English writer, philosopher and painted William Hazlitt
2012-05-25 Not Dressed As Lamb 007To be
of steady
or lasting
are the two
not only
of goodness
of heart,
but of
of mind.

Fresh to My Lips

My Love…
I remember how kissing you for the first time felt. I put my arms around you and we were a perfect fit. I did not want to let go. Today your kiss still feels as fresh to my lips and letting you out of my arms has never become easy.

By an unknown and anonymous author
middle_aged_couple-300x195 EDITSeduce
my mind
my body;
my soul

Sometimes, Always

My Darling…
Across a crowded room we can say I love you with only eye contact. Often I feel you close minutes before you arrive. Sometimes you speak thoughts I was about to say. The longer we are together the more amazing we become.

By an unknown writer/anonymous author
we make love
with our eyes.
we make love
with our hands.
we make love
with our bodies.
we make love
with our hearts.

As Long As I Am With You

My Darling…
A day with you is more valuable than a hundred with anyone else. I don’t care if we’re poor and have just enough to survive. As long as I am with you my life will always be filled with riches.

From “The Diaries of Adam & Eve” by Mark Twain
poor-couple-holds-hands EDITAfter all
these years,
I see that
I was mistaken
about Eve
in the beginning;
it is better to live
the Garden
with her
than inside it
without her.

Locked In Embrace

My Darling…
I love when we hug how our bodies fit together. From head to foot there’s barely an inch where your and my form does not make contact when we are locked in embrace.

From “P.S. I Love You” by Irish novelist Cecelia Ahern
629px-Hug-a-Girl-Who-Is-Shorter-Than-You-Step-4EDITMost of all
she loved
that when
she hugged
him her head
would rest
neatly just
below his chin,
where she
could feel
his breath
lightly blowing
her hair and
tickling her head.

The Power of Angels

My Love…
I am still the person I was, yet much more. Through loving you the good within is made bigger and faults become smaller. The transformative ability of true love has the power of angels within.

From “Angel of Mine” by Monica,
imagesCAY350O0lergerI look at you
looking at me,
Now I know why
the best things
are free.
How you’ve
my world
never know.
different now,
helped me grow.

Without the Clay Between

My Love…
Each night before sleeping I pray: May we always be together; strong in the face of challenge with tenderness that never becomes calloused. May we never lose our innocence and play as young lovers no matter how many years go past.

From the 19th Century poem “Silent Love” by Frances S. Osgood

moss rose!! imagesCA4VY9V1Let our love be still;
a folded flower,
A pure, moss
rose-bud blushing
to be seen,
Hoarding its balm
and beauty
for that hour
When souls
may meet without
the clay between.