Becoming Lost In You

My Darling…
Your love has torn down my guard and taken away every defense. You found me in the darkness of loneliness, but now I am open. Giving myself completely to you takes no effort. I became found by becoming lost in you.

American free lance newspaper/magazine writer Robert Braul
has a
a middle
an end,
“I love you.”

Every Passing Day

My Darling…
This is no small love I feel. It’s not the sort that fades in time. My love for you is durable and resilient. With every passing day it puts deeper and deeper roots into my heart.

Song by Beyonce – writers Knowles, Nash and Taylor
15-lovers-day-photographyCome take
my hand,
I won’t
let you go,
I’ll be
your friend,
I will love you so,
I will be the one
to kiss you at night,
I will love you
until the
end of time.

Sometimes, Always

My Darling…
Across a crowded room we can say I love you with only eye contact. Often I feel you close minutes before you arrive. Sometimes you speak thoughts I was about to say. The longer we are together the more amazing we become.

By an unknown writer/anonymous author
we make love
with our eyes.
we make love
with our hands.
we make love
with our bodies.
we make love
with our hearts.

Deeply Into My Heart

My Love…
I’ve told you my dreams and my worst mistakes. My hopes are safe with you and you accept me in spite of my old wrongs from long ago. I have never dared to let someone see so deeply into my heart.

Irish novelist and short story writer Elizabeth Dorothea Cole Bowen

Tall, Strong and Lasting

My Love…
Years pass. I cherish you more. Our love has softened, but grown to a level new lovers could never grasp. Like what sprouts from an acorn, our love was small at its start but is now tall, strong and lasting.

American fantasy and romance writer Laurell Kaye Hamilton
Weddingkiss EDITI will love you always.
When this red hair is white,
I will still love you.
When smooth softness of youth is
replaced by delicate softness of age,
I will still want to touch your skin.
When your face is full of the lines
of every smile you have ever smiled,
of every surprise I have seen
flash through your eyes,
when every tear you have ever cried
has left its mark upon your face,
I will treasure you all the more,
because I was there to see it all.
I will share your life with you…
I will love you until the last breath
leaves your body or mine.

Who Are You?

My Darling…
Day by day I come to know you better. Don’t be afraid. Don’t hesitate. Trust me. All you have to do to let me fall deeper for you is unveil all you kept hidden from the others.

From song “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking” by Lee/Wiggins
823Who are you
when I’m not
When the door
is locked
and the shades
are down?
Do you listen
to your music
And when it feels
just right,
are you
thinkin’ of me?

Head Over Heels

My Darling…
When we met I thought I loved someone else. When I saw you again, I was convinced you were not my type. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, but little by little I have fallen head over heels in love with you.

Writer, director, actor, comedian, and musician Woody Allen
make_a_man_fall_in_love_1_EDITThe heart
wants what
it wants.
There’s no
logic to
these things.
You meet
and you
fall in

Better Than my Dreams

My Darling…
My first thought this morning was of you. I woke up dreaming we had gotten married. A moment later I realized you were in bed beside me and there was a wedding ring on my finger. Reality has become better than my dreams.

From “Fixing Delilah” by American fiction writer Sarah Ockler
blog16I told him
I would
love him
I had in me
the very end
of everything,
I meant it.

As Long As I Am With You

My Darling…
A day with you is more valuable than a hundred with anyone else. I don’t care if we’re poor and have just enough to survive. As long as I am with you my life will always be filled with riches.

From “The Diaries of Adam & Eve” by Mark Twain
poor-couple-holds-hands EDITAfter all
these years,
I see that
I was mistaken
about Eve
in the beginning;
it is better to live
the Garden
with her
than inside it
without her.

The Way You Hold Me

My Love…
I miss you when I travel but coming home to you makes up for it. Our first embrace after we’ve been apart makes my heart beat faster and my head swim. The way you hold me then says more than words ever could.

Brazilian Novelist, Lyricist and Musician Paulo Coelho
56af0dc5f9dc0593f03f56aef4be1989Tell your
heart that
the fear
of suffering
is worse
than the
And no heart
has ever
when it goes
in search
of its dream.