Right Here With You

I love…
…that you want to be the best you have ever been and are willing to do the work to make that happen. Don’t be afraid. I am right here with you.

Indian spiritual teacher, poet and artist Sri Chinmoy
Love is not
A thing to understand.
Love is not
A thing to feel.
Love is not
A thing to give and receive.
Love is a thing
Only to become
And eternally be.


Hold On To Her

I love…
…that you are focused on improving yourself and resolving your past. In each way you heal and grow, my heart, mind and soul are positively affected simply by being allowed to bear witness to your efforts.

Jamaican singer, songwriter, musician and poet Bob Marley
She loved before
she may love again.
But if she loves you now,
what else matters?
She’s not perfect –
you aren’t either,
and the two of you
may never be perfect together
but if she can make you laugh,
cause you to think twice,
and admit to being human
and making mistakes,
hold onto her
and give her the most you can.
Smile when she makes you happy,
let her know when she makes you mad,
and miss her when she’s not there.

She’ll Steal Your Heart

I love…
…that you never seem to tire of spending time with me and express your feelings about that openly. To know my presence matters to you that much means a lot to me.

From a poem posted on poemhunter.com by Udiah (witness to Yah)
Soft and warm
Sealed with care
Sweet and kind
Will ever share
Brave and strong
Yet so fair
That is her
She’s always there.
If you meet her
Best Beware
She’ll steal your heart
Her name is Love
This I swear
There’s none like her

The Secret Song of Birds

I love…
…how proud of me you are. It is humbling to be held in such esteem and makes me want all the more to be the best I can be in all ways.

From “You” by Louis Untermeyer
You are
The secret song of birds,
The thing that words
Can never name;
The fire
Within the flame;
The throb
Within the pulse;
The spirit that exults
Joy no grief can tame.

Survey the Mighty Universe

I love…
…that you remind me of things I have mentioned wanting to do. Once again today you caused me remember something important that otherwise would have slipped my memory.

Roman philosopher, statesman, and orator Marcus Tullius Cicero
If a man
could mount
to heaven
and survey
the mighty universe,
his admiration
of its beauties
would be
much diminished
unless he had someone
to share in his pleasure.

Across the Sallow Sands

I love…
…that you are distinctively yourself. You know exactly how you want your coffee and what foods you like and don’t like. Even your clothes are tailored to fit the way you prefer. Knowing how choosy you are makes me feel all the more special that you picked me.

From “Evening Song” by American Musician and Poet Sidney Lanier
Look off, dear Love, across the sallow sands,
And mark yon meeting of the sun and sea,
How long they kiss in sight of all the lands.
Ah! longer, longer, we.
Come forth, sweet stars,
and comfort heaven’s heart;
Glimmer, ye waves, round else unlighted sands.
O night! divorce our sun and sky apart
Never our lips, our hands.

Gives You Courage

I love…
…the many little things that endear you to me: the way you linger in a hug; the sensation of your hand in mine; the feeling of your slender back when I hold you; the way your eyes dance like a child when you laugh and how you enjoy the attentions of an old-fashioned chivalrous man like me.

Philosopher of ancient China, Lao Tzu
loved by
gives you
gives you

From Instinct and Intuition Alone

I love…
…you with a feeling beyond thought and logic; apart from reason and common sense; above wisdom and below rationale. From instinct and intuition alone does my heart move toward you.

Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho
I think that perhaps
we always fall in love
the very first time we see
the person of our dreams,
even though, at the time,
reason may be telling
otherwise, and we may fight
against that instinct,
hoping against hope
that we won’t win,
until there comes a point
when we allow ourselves
to be vanquished by our feelings…