The Smile Upon Your Face

I love…
…knowing when you are having a better than average day. Caring about you puts the wish in my heart that all of life be as good for you possible. Your lifted spirits brings me joy in knowing you feel happy.

Taken from “I Love Your Smile” by Ronald Doe
I love your eyes and your soft sighs
I love your inner beauty too
I love the way each passing day
You give a love so warm and true

I love your clothes, your turned up nose
The way your precious kisses taste
But most of all, my living doll
I love the smile upon your face

At Morning, Noon and Night

I love…
…that although we spend the majority of our time apart you are vibrantly and consistently alive in my thoughts and feelings. Where ever I go you travel with me in my heart and mind.

From “To Mary” by English poet John Clare
I sleep with thee
And wake with thee
And yet thou art not there;
I fill my arms
with thoughts of thee
And press the common air.
Thy eyes are gazing upon mine
When thou art out of sight;
My lips are always
Touching thine
At morning,
And night

Like A Butterfly

I love…
…that you care enough to give me space to work through things on my own the way I need to. That you are understanding and wise enough to give me room to think brings loving gratitude into my heart.

Credited to both Henry David Thoreau and Nathaniel Hawthorne
is like a butterfly:
the more
you chase it,
the more
it will elude you,
but if you
turn your attention
to other things,
it will come
and sit softly
on your shoulder.

Never So Vulnerable

I love…
…that you are not afraid to admit to me when you feel vulnerable or fearful. Knowing that does not come easy for you makes me know all the more how much you trust me.

American Painter, Writer, and Naturalist Walter “Bob” Anderson
so vulnerable
than when we
but paradoxically,
if we
neither can
we find
or joy

The Same Sounds

I love…
…being at home when it rains and hearing thunder knowing that just a few miles away you’re hearing the same sounds of the storm where you live.

Origin Unknown – Writer Anonymous
Before you,
I saw the same
sea, sky and hills
and didn’t know
you lived and breathed
on this sweet planet.
But now,
having met and loved you,
I cannot walk this earth
knowing you
are where I am not.

The Book Your Soul is Writing

I love…
…that you send me an email most nights just before heading go to bed. Knowing you fall asleep with fresh thoughts of me to start dreaming with expresses your love in a way words alone can not express.

American playwright, screenwriter and novelist Marsha Norman

Life Overflows With Happiness

I love…
…sitting in a restaurant with you eating, talking, laughing and wasting time together. We never lack for something to talk about and time passes effortlessly. There is a warm comfort in being with you; a richly joyful feeling.

From ” I Love Being Loved By You” – Anonymous
My life overflows with happiness
As my favorite dreams come true.
My days and nights are magical
Because of everything you do.

You stand by me as troubles occur
And listen to my worries and fears.
You share my burdens and my joys
With faith, compassion and tears.

Beauty of the Soul

I love…
…when you send a card or note to me through the mail. Having the postman deliver anything other than bills or credit card applications is rare. Receiving a card saying you love me: Priceless!

Philosopher and Theologian Saint Augustine
so beauty grows.
of the soul.