To the Level of My Soul

Baby, Baby…
Although at times my mind plays games with me about the future, my heart is always certain of what it feels. To the level of my soul I love you, want you and need you… for always.

From the song “Derezzed” by Daft Punk
artworks-000003319765-10475v-t500x500I don’t want to
miss a thing.
Your love
is so amazing,
so amazing.
If we could
spend forever
Live forever,
that’s alright
with me.
I don’t want to
miss a thing.
Your love is
so amazing.

Constant and Faithful

My Darling…
The day is finally here to speak the words in my heart and for those watching to witness how I feel. The message has long been within and it is with joy I’ll speak them to you in front of God and everybody.

From “Addicted” by Harlequin romance writer Charlotte Featherstone
passion2I vow I am,
and always
will be,
and faithful
in my love
for you…
Nothing you
or anyone else
does shall alter
these feelings.
I am forever loving,
forever waiting,
forever yearning…
forever yours.

Better Than my Dreams

My Darling…
My first thought this morning was of you. I woke up dreaming we had gotten married. A moment later I realized you were in bed beside me and there was a wedding ring on my finger. Reality has become better than my dreams.

From “Fixing Delilah” by American fiction writer Sarah Ockler
blog16I told him
I would
love him
I had in me
the very end
of everything,
I meant it.