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… multiples joy. When something really good happens to me it feels incomplete until I get to share it with you.

American Poet J. Russell Morrison
There is nothing
more wonderful
in the world
than the feeling
you get from sharing,
and there is no
greater happiness
than the warmth
you get from loving.

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…is fertile soil for hope and belief. Upon such things trust can thrive. With you it’s easier than ever before to entrust my deepest thoughts and most profound feelings.

American writer and poet Jamie Delere
I trust you
with my secrets,
and you now know
that you can trust me
with yours.
This sharing…
This special sharing…
is one of the nicest dimensions
my life has ever known.

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…is coming to know a person better and better while finding the mutual bond continues to grow through all the imperfection and fault discovered. The healthiest love is built on respect for what is admirable and empathy for what is not.

“An Active Noun” by TV personality and writer Fred Rogers
Love isn’t
a state of perfect caring.
It is an active noun
like struggle.
To love someone
is to strive
to accept
that person exactly
the way he or she is,
right here and now.

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…is in its highest form when passion simmers down and loving kindness takes the lead. Until lovers become a friends what is shared is fragile like glass and easily broken.

American composer, performer and filmmaker Meredith Monk
That inner voice
has both gentleness
and clarity.
So to get to authenticity,
you really keep going
down to the bone,
to the honesty,
and the inevitability
of something.

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…knows no master. It is the sole sovereign of a heart. Willingly one becomes its captive and gladly serves its needs. No bondage is more sought after. No chains are more happily received.

Taken from a poem by an author unknown
The chains
of a heart
do solely bind
each other’s souls
for all of time.
The chains
are strong
and will
never break;
my hand,
my heart,
my soul
to take.

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… is receiving beautiful words from the one with a uniquely special place in my heart: I will never abandon you. No matter what path our relationship takes. I believe to my core that you will never be mean to me. You enrich my life and are an extraordinary person that I am privileged to be close to – heart, mind and soul.

Found on-line by an anonymous author
If someone
would ask me
what a beautiful
life means,
I would lean
my head
on your shoulder,
hold you
close to me
and answer
with a smile,
“Like this.”

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remembered… The longer ago the heart opened to a past chapter of affection, the sweeter it is held within. Well I remember the first little teenage fire in my heart. The gentle flame of then lives in my heart alongside my love for you now.

From “The Sea-Lands by Orrick Johns
My first love
was a fair girl
With ways
forever new;
And hair
a sunlight
And eyes
a morning

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