Eyes of Love

…for you makes my world better. Colors are brighter. People are nicer (me too!). My hope is stronger. My beliefs are more certain. Rain or shine, any type of weather is beautiful. Seeing with eyes of love improves everything.

Borrowed from a post on relatableblog.com
20editAnyone can
make you
many people
can make
you cry,
but it takes
really special
to make you
with tears
in your eyes.

Before You Have To Go

…can be spoken loudly without a single word. It’s in the smile on your face and the sparkle in your eyes when you look at me one more time before you have to go.

“Song Is So Old” by American poet Hermann Hagedorn
Song is so old,
Love is so new —
Let me be still
And kneel to you.
Let me be still
And breathe no word,
Save what my warm blood
Sings unheard.
Let my warm blood
Sing low of you —
Song is so fair,
Love is so new!