Radiant Warmth to the Heart

…is the strongest energy on Earth. Nothing can move mountains or soothe a savage as well; nor inspire as it can; nor make one feel as safe and secure. Love is radiant warmth to the heart as the sun is to the body.

Taken from a thought by American poet Susan Polis Schutz

This life is yours.
Take the power to choose
what you want to do
and do it well.
Take the power
to love
what you want in life
and love it
No one else can
do it for you.

Love Is Eternal

…felt for someone in the past never completely fades away. It may be injured, hidden, ignored, diminished or locked away but it never completely dies as long as one breathes.

English novelist, short story writer E.M. Forster
It isn’t possible
to love and part.
You will wish
that it was.
You can
transmute love,
ignore it, muddle it,
but you can never
pull it out of you.
I know by experience
that the poets are right:
love is eternal.

Once Given, Never Forgotten

…is one of the strongest things on Earth; it is also one of the most fragile. It lives within a living paradox of lasting and fleeting possibility; overwhelmingly common and exceedingly rare at the same time.

Poet, musician and songwriter John Lennon
is a promise,
is a souvenir,
once given,
never forgotten,
never let
it disappear.

Like the Wind

…is not a steady stream that is always the same. Rather it is like the wind; at times calm and easy; at others strong and intense. Love can be peaceful or a raging storm. Sooner or later we all know it as both.

From “Brushstrokes of a Gadfly” by Elizabeth Ann Bucchianeri
like everything else in life,
should be a discovery,
an adventure,
and like most adventures,
you don’t know
you’re having one until
you’re right
in the middle of it.

Crazy Like the Moon

…has proof in a glance so quick others do not see. Even momentary eye contact between two in love can speak unmistakably in a way words could never express.

Poet and novelist C. Joybell C.
You only need
one man to love you.
But him to love you
free like a wildfire,
crazy like the moon,
always like tomorrow,
sudden like an inhale
and overcoming like the tides.

So Worth the Risk

…is a confounding puzzle; a miraculous riddle; an eternal enigma. Yet to thrive the soul must have it. Love: so necessary, so emotionally dangerous and so worth the risk.

From “I Ching”, the Chinese “Book of Changes”
two people
are at one
in their
inmost hearts,
they shatter even
the strength
of iron
or of bronze.

Echoes of Our Last Embrace

…retains its substance through distance and time when we are separated. To hear your voice I only have to close my eyes. Then I remember something sweet you said to me and feel the echoes of our last embrace.

American author and novelist Jacqueline Carey
There is no
that is
not made
for the
of desire.

The Inexplicable that Is Fact.

…when questioned gives no answers; when doubted gives no clues. Love does not speak for itself yet has meaning clearly heard without a single word. It is the inexplicable that is fact.

From “Lucky” by English novelist Jackie Collins
Love does not appear
with any warning signs.
You fall into it as if pushed
from a high diving board.
No time to think about
what’s happening. It’s inevitable.
An event you can’t control.
A crazy, heart-stopping,
roller-coaster ride
that just has to take its course.

The Joy of Love

…true and good, gives purpose to living just as light gives beauty to sun’s rise and set. Everything has more meaning through the eyes of one who has the joy of love.

“Simply Love” by Oklahoma Poet Hazel Mae Bell
The world is poetry,
the birds
and bees,
The flowers,
the grass,
the ants,
the trees,
The clouds that drift,
the sky so blue,
the world is lovely,
’cause I love you.

Inconstancy of Love

…comes from a simple start then with each breath it surges and wanes; ebbs and flows. Some moments it is greater. Some moments it is less. The ability to stay through the inconstancy of love is how it’s proven to be real and lasting.

Dutch post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh