Until Forever’s Gone

..brings great strength, comfort and a certain knowing that today and always, beyond tomorrow, I need you beside me, always as my best friend, lover and forever soul mate.

From the song “Until Forever’s Gone” by Kenny Rogers
fireworksWith all my heart,
and all my soul,
I will love you
till the winds
don’t blow.
Until the oceans
turn to stone,
my love is yours
and yours alone.
My love is forever,
until forever’s gone.

Full Acceptance

…drives me to know only the person you truly are. Please do not change because you think you need to. It is the height and depth of the real you that I want in my heart; nothing else.

American teacher and writer Karen Casey, Ph.D.
letting go
of all
It means
full acceptance,
even celebration
of another’s

Contents of the Heart

…satisfies shortage and satiates lack, not by making need disappear but by causing scarcity to matter less. The presence of love makes its receiver more complete and whole without anything but the contents of the heart changing.

A composite made from several versions written by unknown writers
??????????????????????????????????You are…
The peanut to my butter,
Water to my ocean,
Glaze on my donut,
Spring in my step,
Twinkle in my eye,
Blue in my sky,
Cherry on my sundae,
Flip to my flop,
Milk to my shake,
Sweet in my dreams,
Jewel on my crown,
Spring in my step,
And beat of my heart.

Fertile Ground

…runs when chased, but will catch you if you stop running from it. To grab for love creates a barrier against its arrival. To give up on love makes you no longer its possible destination. Letting go and keeping hope makes for fertile ground for love to grow in.

Quote by American writer Carl S. Avery
???????????????????????????????????????Love enables you
to put your
deepest feelings
and fears
in the palm
of your partner’s
hand, knowing
they will be
with care.

Radiant Light Of Love

…bestows the strength to feel safe in surrender. Becoming stronger comes from a heart receiving what completes it: love. Fear and worry do not depart. Instead such shadows become small in the radiant light of love.

Poem by a writer unknown/anonymous
piggy back rideLAUGH
so hard that even
smiles at you;
so strong that even
accepts defeat;
so true that even
walks out of the way;
and LIVE
life so well that even
loves to see you exist.

Becomes Happily Lost

… will change lovers irrevocably. It bonds two people into a single entity with four arms, four legs, two minds, two hearts and one love. The knowing of where each ends and the other begins becomes happily lost.

From an image on http://sayingimages.com
couple-friends-girl-guy-kick-Favim-485x320I love you
for all
that you
are, all
that you
have been
and all
you are
to be.

Things That Fall

…is like snow falling with no control except from the speed it falls with. Drifting to come to rest on a specific spot unknown until it lands, love like a snowflake finds a home.

Quote by a writer unknown/anonymous
lovers in the snow editThings that fall:
the sun
and me,
for you.

What Is Deepest

…knows of imperfection, but cares little about it. What is good and virtuous is amplified. Flaws and deficiency are diminished. Through the eyes of love we lift another to their greatest height.

French philosopher & Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
asian-coupleLove alone
is capable
of uniting
living beings
in such a way
as to complete
and fulfill them,
for it alone
takes them
and joins them
by what is deepest
in themselves.

Je Suis Amoureux

…fetched springtime to this heart a good distance before the calendar deemed the season start. Far ahead of spring narcissus sprouts, “je suis amoureux” has bloomed with fertile vigor.

Elizabeth Barrett To Robert Browning June 4, 1846

blooming in spring…I love you
with the fullness
of my nature.
Nothing of all
this unspeakable
goodness and tenderness
is lost on me…
I catch on my face
and hands every drop
of all this dew.

A Face Forward Fall

…oh, precious love; without hesitation or pause, I find myself surrounded by your grace. The rectitude of this love makes me swoon with its sweetness; ’tis a face forward fall from which I am unlikely to recover.

Cuban national hero and esteemed poet and writer José Martí
airport hugLove is…
born with
the pleasure
of looking
at each other;
it is fed
with the
of seeing
each other;
it is concluded
with the
of separation.