Mutually Satisfying Weirdness

I love…
…having a simple meal like soup or a sandwich while we talk about whatever pops up. We never seem to lack for something to talk about that we are both interested in.

American author Robert Lee Fulghum
We’re all a little weird.
And life is weird.
And when we find someone
whose weirdness
is compatible with ours,
we join up with them
and fall into
mutually satisfying weirdness
and call it love… true love.

The Full Value of Joy

I love…
…that you invite me to do things and don’t always wait for me to ask you. Even when I don’t or can’t do something you’ve invited me to, it always means a lot that you ask.

American writer Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain
To get
the full
value of joy
you must
have someone
to divide
it with.

A Simply Unique Style

I love…
…your simple sophistication that allows you to be ‘classy’, yet never appear to try to place yourself above others. It is an uncommon combination.

Attributed to many, but author is actually unknown
Being classy is NOT
about being stuck up,
but more so about
having a simply unique style
that will never be forgotten.
To be classy is to have respect;
respect for others,
respect for elders
and most of all respect for yourself.

Exploring the Depths

I love…
…witnessing your determination to evolve mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Nothing takes more courage than exploring the depths of one’s inner most self and finding peace with what is found.

Taken from “You” by Louis Untermeyer
In this mad world
of change,
Where everything
is sad and strange,
Where few know
what they mean,
or do
You are serene,
steadfast, true.

Something Quite Substantial

I love…
…the little things you do like a kind glance at the right moment, an encouraging word when things are tough for me, patience even when you don’t understand what I am going through or even a simple email to say good night or good morning. All together they sum to something quite substantial.

Eighteenth Century English poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The happiness of life
is made up of
minute fractions;
the little soon
forgotten charities
of a kiss or smile,
a kind look,
a heartfelt compliment,
and the countless infinitesimal
and genial feeling.

Often Just Enough

I love…
…anticipating spending time with you. We usually have a good time together and appreciate each other’s company. I am grateful to have you to do things with.  Being alone gets boring!

From Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker known as Marilyn Monroe
It’s often just enough
to be with someone.
I don’t need
to touch them.
Not even talk.
A feeling passes
between you both.
You’re not alone.

Gentle Nudging at My Soul

I love…
…feeling romance in my heart again. It has touched me deeply with its sparkle of hope. Come what may I am grateful to know I still have the ability to fall in love. Thank you for showing me how.

From “Falling In Love Again’ by Alek House
I’d crept into the deepest darkest place,
Where life and love no longer saw my face.
My heart was cold, my very soul was dead.
My only solace, memories in my head.
You came to me and caught me unaware,
And unprepared, I fell into your lair.
I struggled as you crawled into my mind,
Afraid of what your loving me might find.
And as I stayed resistant to your touch
You never turned away, instead t’was such
an oh so gentle nudging at my soul
that woke me with your ever sweet cajole.

A Delicious Treat

I love…
…your soft touch, expressive manner and loving ways. Your hug has become a delicious treat to me and a kiss is the cherry on top of that delicacy.

Taken from “From June to December” by Summer Villanelle
You know exactly what to do—
Your kiss, your fingers on my thigh—
I think of little else but you.
It’s bliss to have a lover who,
Touching one shoulder, makes me sigh—
You know exactly what to do.
But is it love? And is it true?
Who cares? This much I can’t deny:
You know exactly what to do;
I think of little else but you.

Fashioned in Love

I love…
…your patience and willingness to let something meaningful develop naturally over time between us. Although no one can predict where we will end up, I know it will be good and fashioned in love.

Poem by Amber Cruz
Love comes to those
who still hope
even though
they’ve been disappointed,
to those who still believe
even though
they’ve been betrayed,
to those who still love
even though
they’ve been hurt before.