Do Everything In Your Power

My Love…
My mind’s babbling is an over protective burden. It’s logic says our relationship is unlikely to survive long-term. But to those ramblings my heart and soul screams, “You’re wrong! We’re going to have a great life together.”
1375799_253795414775295_226324192_nSomeday, you’re going to meet someone who drives you mad, who you’re going to fight with and laugh with. Someone who you will share your deepest darkest secrets and past with, who you’ll do insane things for, someone, who is going to turn your life upside down. And when that time comes, don’t ever let them go and do everything in your power to keep them.

A Simply Unique Style

I love…
…your simple sophistication that allows you to be ‘classy’, yet never appear to try to place yourself above others. It is an uncommon combination.

Attributed to many, but author is actually unknown
Being classy is NOT
about being stuck up,
but more so about
having a simply unique style
that will never be forgotten.
To be classy is to have respect;
respect for others,
respect for elders
and most of all respect for yourself.