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Loving you was never a choice. Knowing you first as a friend held my heart open so it could be almost unknowingly filled with you. I overflowed with love for you almost before I was aware of the emotion.

Scottish poet, novelist and translator, Edwin Muir
reimagining-my-lifeYes, yours, my love,
is the right human face.
I, in my mind
had waited for this long.
Seeing the false
and searching for the true,
Then found you
as a traveler
finds a place of welcome
amid the wrong
valleys and rocks
and twisting roads.

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My Love…
There are haunts inside that cause me to hurt you, but they have nothing to do with you. I am grateful beyond expression for your forgiveness, especially when you don’t understand, yet love me anyway.

Buddhist photographer, poet, author and artist Tyler Knott Gregson
slow_dance editI promise you
I will try harder
to be better.
I have battled with
things inside me
for longer
than you know;
I do not know
what they are
or why they are there;
I only know
that they feel
when I am
around YOU.

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…is expressed in the simplest of things like you holding on to my arm closely when you’re scared, frightened or emotional or me putting my hand on your back softly to usher you though a door. All are reminders “you are not alone”.

From “Magical Thinking: True Stories” by Augusten Burroughs
goofing aroundI like flaws
and am most
around those
who have them.
I, myself,
am made
up entirely
of flaws,
stitched together
with good intentions.

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…is what it wants to be and only that. It makes of each person what it chooses. There is no choice of how much to love or how long. The only option is to love or not to love; to grab on for the ride however far it goes or else to see it go past and never know what might have been.

Relatively unknown American poet Roger C. Van Horn
What I can offer is simply me.
For whatever amount of time
we can steal.
I offer you laughter
for laughter is beauty.
I offer you honestly
for honestly is pure.
I offer you patience
for patience is needed to gain trust.
I offer you sincerity
for though my sincerity I will show
you my inner being and desires…
All I ask in return
is for you to be honest and open,
for through your honesty and openness
I will receive from you
all that I offer.

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…is gained by what we give; not what we get. However, over time the ‘give and get’ must have balance or else love gets smothered on one side. I’m grateful what we share is balanced on a fulcrum of genuine concern and understanding.

Author and Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg
To offer
our hearts
in faith means
that our hearts
are worth something,
that we ourselves,
in our deepest
and truest nature,
are of value.

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…can make ordinary things seem extraordinary: a ride in the first cool air near fall; a meal with conversation; browsing at a bookstore and buying nothing. The common transforms into delight when filtered through a loving heart.

British novelist and scriptwriter Elinor Glyn
is the
which turns
the dust
of everyday
life into
a golden

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…is different in middle age. It has its own unique intensity that is far less consumed with desire and far more filled with gentle love like preteen children “like” each other. Falling in ‘love’ is easy. Falling in ‘like’ takes a lot more time.

Popular quote by an original author unknown
It’s so easy
to fall
in love
but hard
to find
who will
catch you.

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