For Whatever Time We May Steal

…is what it wants to be and only that. It makes of each person what it chooses. There is no choice of how much to love or how long. The only option is to love or not to love; to grab on for the ride however far it goes or else to see it go past and never know what might have been.

Relatively unknown American poet Roger C. Van Horn
What I can offer is simply me.
For whatever amount of time
we can steal.
I offer you laughter
for laughter is beauty.
I offer you honestly
for honestly is pure.
I offer you patience
for patience is needed to gain trust.
I offer you sincerity
for though my sincerity I will show
you my inner being and desires…
All I ask in return
is for you to be honest and open,
for through your honesty and openness
I will receive from you
all that I offer.