Shadows of Another Day

…once known, lives always. Time may reduce the space someone loved in the past holds in the heart, but they are always there. Whether the learning from each one was what to do or not do, all of love’s experiences form the knowledge of how you know to love.

Taken from a poem called “Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple
old love lettersCan you remember my name
As I flow through your life,
A thousand oceans I have flown;
And cold spirits of ice;
I am the echo of your past.
I am returning the echo
of a point in time
Distant faces shine,
A thousand warriors I have known;
And laughing as the spirits appear;
Shadows of another day.

Without Expectation

…is never, never wasted. It benefits the bearer even when affections are not returned. Life without loving is barely worth living.

American author, motivational speaker and professor Leo F. Buscaglia
giving love EDITLove is always
as a gift,
and without
We don’t love
to be loved;
we love
to love.

Things I Cannot See or Prove

…is fun with you around Christmas time. For years I put the holidays and all the decorations of the season away in the attic. With you I have rediscovered it all again. With a lighthearted childlike openness there is belief again in things I cannot see or prove.

Attributed to fictional character Kagirinai Sora, writer unknown
DramaFreeChristmasLaugh your heart out,
dance in the rain;
cherish the moment
ignore the pain.
and Forget;
life’s too short
to live with regrets

King and Queen of All Emotions

… has no envy of other emotions. It is King and Queen of all feelings. Hate has no chance to survive in its presence. Selfishness melts away. Love is pure truth invisible; absolute power unseen.

Irish writer and poet Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde
couple shadowThe consciousness
of loving
and being loved
brings a warmth
and richness
to life

Hastens My Heart

…brings comfort that soothes; consolation that calms; reassurance that cheers; and encouragement that heartens. It is the oldest remedy known to human-kind and relieves pain and anguish today just as well as it did hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

American romantic writer, Robert Sexton
ancient-romeLong after
of closeness
have passed,
A part of you
remains with me
And warms the places
your hands have touched
And hastens my heart
for your return.

Calm and Peaceful Adoration

…expressed in the simple touch of a hand; eyes connecting with mutual smiles soon after; a well of enjoyable conversation that seems to have no bottom. Affection, friendship and respect stirred together in a recipe of calm and peaceful adoration.

American educator, minister, author, and TV host Fred Rogers
comforting youLove isn’t a
state of perfect caring.
It is an active noun,
like struggle.
To love someone
is to strive
to accept
that person
exactly the way
he or she is,
right here and now.

Love Feels No Burden

… by itself, is never a burden. To think of it as an encumbrance is possible only when stirred with human failings such as doubt, insecurity, suspicion or deceit. Requited or not: lost or found; lasting or impermanent, love is always for the good.

15th Century Dutch writer Thomas à Kempis
Love is eternalLove feels no burden,
regards not labors,
strives toward more
than it attains,
argues not
of impossibility,
since it believes that it may
and can do all things.
Therefore it avails
for all things, and fulfils
and accomplishes much
where one not a lover falls
and lies helpless.

Delightful Madness

…brings a most beautiful insanity. Knowing all Earthbound loved ones are eventually lost to us here, or us to them, but loving anyway is delightful madness. Knowing fully this form of ‘crazy’ is life’s most valuable gift.

French novelist George San (Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin)

Extravagant and Bold

… of youth is extravagant and bold with feelings fresh and new. Both captivating and confusing is the arrival of first love: a beautiful paradox.

From Young Love by American lyrical poet Sara Teasdale
name in the sandI wrote his name along the beach,
I love the letters so.
Far up it seemed and out of reach,
For still the tide was low.
But oh, the sea came creeping up,
And washed the name away,
And on the sand where it had been
A bit of sea-grass lay.
A bit of sea-grass on the sand,
Dropped from a mermaid’s hair —
Ah, had she come to kiss his name
And leave a token there?

Embers Radiate Warm Long After

…is rarely loud, forceful or boastful. Such things are only ego, fear or insecurity. Healthy love is gentle, quiet and tender, sometimes only to be noticed if one pauses and looks closely. Raging fires burn out quickly; soft embers radiate warm long after.

Irish poet, theologian and minister Thomas Parnell
imagesCA3VNWMGLet those
love now
who never
loved before.
let those
who always
now love
the more.