Post #500: More Than I Am

…is the surprise of coming home and finding a card you left neatly tucked by my front door. Reading your words of fondness for me exceed what I can see in myself, yet reading them makes me want to be more than I am.

13th-century Persian Muslim poet and Sufi mystic, Rumi
reading cardYour task is
not to seek
for love,
but merely
to seek
and find
all the barriers
that you have
built against it.

Stitched Together With Good Intentions

…is expressed in the simplest of things like you holding on to my arm closely when you’re scared, frightened or emotional or me putting my hand on your back softly to usher you though a door. All are reminders “you are not alone”.

From “Magical Thinking: True Stories” by Augusten Burroughs
goofing aroundI like flaws
and am most
around those
who have them.
I, myself,
am made
up entirely
of flaws,
stitched together
with good intentions.

Similarity and Difference

…seeks to find its mirror reflection; something very similar but quite different. Grace is a balance of similarity and difference that allows the most peaceful and enduring love.

American Writer Todd Ruthman
11502877-man-and-woman-laughing-while-listening-to-phone-conversationIt is the things
in common
that make
but it is
the little
that make

To Be Loved So Much

…sparkled all around when last I saw you. The smile on your face was one of real happiness. Even the way you walked spoke love softly for anyone paying attention. I was. It is humbling to be loved so much.

19th Century German Chancellor Bismarck to his wife Johanna
happy_older_coupleYou have
to life
the coal
that under
and debris
still glowed
in me…

Lives In Perpetuity

…is proof of eternity; it confounds all notions of time; effaces all memory of beginning, all fear of an end. Loving well is the highest achievement of human existence and lives in perpetuity.

Quote origin unknown – author anonymous
heart-the 6th senseDear
my heart,
I wish I can be
as strong
as you.
No matter
how many
times you’ve
been broken,
you still beat
and love.

When and Where Love Chooses

…bridges differences. It crosses boundaries and has no use for the laws of man. It can not be caged or made to be. No one chooses who they love and only a fool will tell you otherwise. Love arrives when and where love chooses.

American author and professor emeritus William W. Purkey
4478208983_e51be2b2d1You’ve gotta dance
like there’s
nobody watching,
Love like you’ll
never be hurt,
Sing like there’s
nobody listening,
And live like
it’s heaven on earth.

What This Is All About

…comes from hope and possibility. It sprouts unexpectedly and unplanned. It grows with patience and understanding. It blossoms with attraction and desire. It fruits with truth and faithfulness.

Taken from Love Without a Doubt by David Taylor
asian woman white manLove is what joins
Love is what flows
Love is what counts
Love is what grows
Love is what’s known.
Love is all around
Love is all about
Love is all we ask
Love is all we give
Love is all I have.
Love wants nothing
Love needs nothing
Love misses nothing
Love excludes nothing
Love is what this is all about.

The Resolve of Two Willing Souls

…makes my spirits soar with delight when I think of its possibilities. Two hearts become the most magical human creation when they become fused together by the resolve of two willing souls. Once so, they can never be fully separated again.

From “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho
lovers-indian1When you are
you can do anything
in creation.
When you are
there’s no need
at all to understand
what’s happening,
because everything
happens within you.

You Feel Like Home

…shows its depth long after the initial nervousness and tentative passion of love’s beginning. It is what remains when the season takes away the easy blossoms and obvious greenery. The roots that survive on the coldest of days is where love finds its greatest power.

Taken from an untitled poem by an author unknown
old couple walking awayYou feel like home to me;
With your knowing smile,
You can put me at ease.
You feel like home to me;
A safe and peaceful place,
Where I can relax and be free.
You feel like home to me;
The warm and gentle comfort,
Of all familiar things.

Unique Presence In A Room

…shows in the curve of your smile, in the shine in your eyes and in the way you move to be near. You have a special way about you that causes others to easily notice your unique brand of presence in a room.

English musician, singer and songwriter Florence Welch
in the darkenessA falling star
fell from your heart
and landed in my eyes.
I screamed aloud,
as it tore through them,
and now it’s left me blind.
I took the stars from my eyes,
and then I made a map.
And knew that somehow
I could find my way back.
Then I heard your heart beating,
you were in the darkness too.
So I stayed in the darkness with you.