An Already Open Loving Heart

…does not require me to be in love to feel loved. I can relive good memories of old flames, fall head over heels with a character in a book or find joy in the happiness of others. Only with an already open loving heart can I ever fall in love again.

“Your Kiss” by contemporary poet Shelagh Bullman
your kissYour kiss is like a roller coaster ride up to the stars,
Or dancing on a moonbeam, a rocket trip to Mars;
Your kiss is like a thunderbolt striking to my heart,
Makes my body quiver and my senses fall apart;
Your kiss is like riding on the back of Angels wings,
Flying me over golden meadows, mountains & silver streams:
Your kiss is like a Love song without a single word,
And only in this heart of mine this love song can be heard;
Your kiss to me is Heaven, a Paradise of Love and Laughter,
Let’s kiss amongst the starlit skies for now and ever after.