In the Tongue of My Ancestors

…stated simply by Native Americans: Cheyenne “Ne mohotatse”, Chickasaw “Chi holla li”, Mohawk “Kanbhik”, Creek “V no kewc kv”, Navaho “Ayor anosh’ni”, Sioux “Techihhila” and in the tongue of my ancestors; Gvgeyuh (Cherokee “I love you” ).

From “Against the Magic” by American author Lisa Kleypas
bluirred native americansI want morning
and noon
and nightfall with you.
I want your tears,
your smiles,
your kisses…
the smell of your hair,
the taste of your skin,
the touch of your
breath on my face.
I want to see you
in the final hour of my life…
to lie in your arms
as I take my last breath.

The Slate Under the Chalk

…makes no logical sense. It requires believing faithfully in something intangible that carries immense inherent risk. Joy must be far greater than fear for love to flourish.

From “Vanishing Acts” by American writer Jodi Picoult
back to love EDITLove is not an equation,
it is not a contract,
and it is not
a happy ending.
Love is the slate
under the chalk,
the ground
that buildings rise,
and the oxygen in the air.
It is the place
you come back to,
no matter
where your headed.

Comforting Shade of Another’s Soul

…can be denied, but remains true. It can be outrun, but only for a time. Love shines even in darkness and through time. It is the solace found in a kiss, a hug and an embrace. Love is the comforting shade of another’s soul.

From a letter by Magdalene to Willie posted on 
comfort of loveI know
there’s an ocean
between us,
and I wish
that it weren’t true,
for every day
when I arise,
I yearn to be with you.
Though a lot of distance
lies between us,
you’ll always be
in my mind and my heart,
And every night
beneath the stars,
I pray for the day
we’ll never be part.

Simple But True

…is neither impatient nor fleeting. Desire may cause one to try reaching through time, but desire is not love. A fancy of the heart will last only a season like a Spring tulip. But love, deep and true, is patient and lasting. It waits always.

From “Brushstrokes of a Gadfly” by E. A. Bucchianeri
locked heartsSweetheart, darling, dearest,
it was funny to think
that these endearments,
which used to sound
exceedingly sentimental
in movies and books,
now held great importance,
simple but true
verbal affirmations
of how they felt
for each other.
They were words
only the heart could hear
and understand,
words that could impart
entire pentameter sonnets
in their few, short syllables.

Sets Love Free

…means to give everything, lose one’s self in another and later unexpectedly find it all returned but made better. When there is no risk too great, nothing too valuable to give and your life itself would seem fair payment, the price will have been paid that sets one free to love.

 American actress, Katherine Hepburn
hand on the wheelLove
to do
with what
you are
to get,
with what
you are
to give,
which is

No Greater Gift

…is engraved on a heart that has known great love. Whether together or apart, separated by miles, years or even by death, no amount of effort can wipe away the inscription that love made. Life offers no greater gift.

Heartfelt quote by an anonymous author
you_light_up_my_heart_by_neonflamesFrom every human being
there rises a light
that reaches
straight to heaven.
And when two souls
that are destined
to be together
find each other,
their streams of light
flow together, and
a single brighter light
goes forth from
their united being.

The Fifth Fundemental Power

… is an eternal component of nature; a force strong like Earth, Air, Fire, and Water and sometimes stronger than all four classical elements combined. Love is the fifth fundamental power on which everything is based.

From “Guitar Highway Rose” by New Zealander Brigid Lowry
five elements 02…they do not kiss
but they both want to
instead their feet touch
and so do their arms
it is electric magic
their tiny arm hairs tingling
happily lying together
the sun warming them
watching sky through
green-leafed gum branch
close enough to hear
each other breathe
sweet togetherness
this lazy lying down
dance of love.

Neither Created Nor Destroyed.

…lasts. It endures. It simply is. Like all energy, that of the heart can be neither created nor destroyed. With its wonder and beauty, love can only morph, grow or change form.

“Ebb Tide” by American poet Brian Burke
light-through-clouds-2You’re the gentle breeze
that soothes my heart
And through my soul
your ripples pour.
Within my mind
the storm
clouds part
As you ebb
upon my
body’s shore.

At One With Each Other

…is deep and true when one can realize being daily with the person of their affection is not necessary for love to survive. To bear that weight in one’s heart gladly at a distance is a certain mark of a mature and healthy love.

Victorian novelist Mary Anne Evans under pen name George Eliot
greater thing
is there
for two
human souls
than to feel
that they
are joined…
to be at one
with each other
in silent

A Sort of Devine Accident

…in its truest form is not bound by the passage of time; much of what once was felt within, remains. Years temper the treasures of the heart and the object of one’s emotion does not need a present tense to continue to be loved.

English Novelist, Critic and Dramatist, Seymour Walpole
romantic couple walking awayThe most wonderful
of all things in life,
I believe, is the discovery
of another human being
with whom one’s relationship
has a glowing depth,
beauty and joy…
This inner progressiveness of love
between two human beings
is a most marvelous thing.
It cannot be found by looking for it
or by passionately wishing for it.
It is a sort of Divine accident.