In the Tongue of My Ancestors

…stated simply by Native Americans: Cheyenne “Ne mohotatse”, Chickasaw “Chi holla li”, Mohawk “Kanbhik”, Creek “V no kewc kv”, Navaho “Ayor anosh’ni”, Sioux “Techihhila” and in the tongue of my ancestors; Gvgeyuh (Cherokee “I love you” ).

From “Against the Magic” by American author Lisa Kleypas
bluirred native americansI want morning
and noon
and nightfall with you.
I want your tears,
your smiles,
your kisses…
the smell of your hair,
the taste of your skin,
the touch of your
breath on my face.
I want to see you
in the final hour of my life…
to lie in your arms
as I take my last breath.