Really, Really Good Together

My Darling…
Being with you has broadened my perception of love. It’s build on a foundation of ordinary things like brushing our teeth together, kissing with morning breath and helping each other make dinner. In such commonality the true magic of love grows.

From “The Secret Life of Prince Charming” by Deb Caletti
couple in kitchenEDIT2244 tumblr_inline_mqar9i2fAg1qz4rgpI used to think that finding
the right one was about the man
having a list of certain qualities.
If he has them, we’d be compatible
and happy. Sort of a checkmark
system that was a complete failure.
But I found out that a healthy
relationship isn’t so much about sense
of humor or intelligence or attractive.
It’s about avoiding partners with
harmful traits and personality types.
And then it’s about being with
a good person. A good person
on his own, and a good person
with you. Where the space
between you feels uncomplicated
and happy. A good relationship
is where things just work.
They work because,
whatever the list of qualities,
whatever the reason,
you happen to be
really, really good together.