Every Time

My Love…
Every time you’ve been upset at me or I’ve been at you; every time I’ve hurt you or you’ve hurt me; every time some simple thing has come between us we’ve compromised, made up and our love has become stronger.

British playwright and novelist William Somerset Maugham
dsc-0666editWe are not
the same
this year
as last;
nor are those
we love.
It is a happy
chance if we,
to love
a changed

Descended Upon Me

My Sweet…
My mind does not understand, yet my soul knows. My senses are confused, yet my body is certain. My emotions are swirling, yet my heart is at peace. Such is the love that has descended upon me and taken over.

French romantic poet and novelist Victor Hugo
Lconfused_love__by_aleth00-d4jlv22ove is
a portion
of the soul
and it is
of the
same nature
as the
of the
of paradise.

Through It All

Be with me and I will love you with all my heart always. Through difficulty, grief and pain we will bear life together. Dancing in happiness; embracing in joy; and holding hands through it all. You’re mine; I’m yours.

this one article-1104738-02E29429000005DC-390_468x339editEvery time I see your face,
this feeling inside me
is so tender.
Every time you touch me,
I feel me how much
you love me.
When you put your arms
around my neck,
I could feel your heart beat
saying you love me.
I’ve never been this close
to anyone before;
I just wanna spend
the rest of my life with
you by my side.
By Manu Fernando

What Better Reason

My Darling…
Yesterday you texted “I love you more today than yesterday”. Those words mirror how I feel about you. What a delightful surprise our chance meeting turned into: a growing love that seems unstoppable.

Found at http://www.lovinghugs.com/titledetail.php?cid=13&tid=301
love BBThere’s nothing
I would rather do,
than to grow old
in love with you,
the fun that being
with you brings,
our memories
made of little things,
the talks we have,
the jokes we share,
the hugs, the kisses
here and there…
what better reason
could there be,
to ask you to grow old
in love with me.

Filled with Love

My Love…
While others are running around shopping for holiday gifts, I already have the one I hoped for: YOU! This year I’m filled with love and inspired with the feelings of the season like I have not felt since I was a child.

Relationship consultant, lecturer and author Barbara de Angelis
to make

I Will Be There

I’m proud of us. We’re building something lasting with openness and truth that is fresh and new to me. Through the good and the difficult, I will be there loving you…

From “The Lure of the Moon” by Nicole Gulla
love1I always want us
to be like this,
sharing everything
with each other.
Not holding
anything back,
no matter
how the other
person may feel.
You have my word
from this point
No matter what.

Lots of Fun

You make me laugh. I love your horsing-around side even when I am the butt of your kidding around (have you noticed I usually get even?). We have lots of fun! We’re in love and I have never been happier.

By an unknown author/anonymous writer
` tumblr_lslsi4kQZh1ql40fgo1_500You have to
walk carefully
in the beginning
of love;
the running
across fields
into your
lover’s arms
can only
come later
when you’re
sure they won’t
laugh if you trip.

The Biggest Piece

My Darling…
In the difficult moments is when loves proves itself truest. We have faced challenges that a weaker relationship would have faltered under, but we became closer. Tested love that endures strengthens with each trial.

American fiction writer of eleven novels Sarah Dessen
WwW_IRAQNA1_CoM (45)No relationship is perfect, ever.
There are always some ways
you have to bend,
to compromise,
to give something up in order
to gain something greater…
The love we have
for each other is bigger
than these small differences.
And that’s the key.
It’s like a big pie chart,
and the love in a relationship
has to be the biggest piece.
Love can make up for a lot.

My Snowstorm

My Darling…
With a kind word and a warm smile you invited me to become your friend. As we got to know each other our mutual attraction grew and grew. We did admit our feelings until our love was so strong it could no longer be denied.

By a author unknown/anonymous writer
kissingcouplephotographysnowtreeswinter-6ed78a33a7c11af4110579968684e1aa_h_largeEDITI don’t even know
when you became
so important to me.
It’s like watching
a snowstorm.
You see the
flakes falling,
but you don’t
realize how
they’re adding up.
Then suddenly,
your whole lawn
is covered.
All these little
things have
added up,
and you’re
my snowstorm.

Falling Hard

When we first met I did not imagine something so wonderful would happen. We fell in love so slowly at first, but then there came a time when we both knew our love was true and lasting.

American novelist, screenwriter and producer Nicholas Sparks
602385_489351461110281_575785894_nShe wasn’t
exactly sure
when it happened.
Or even when
it started.
All she knew
for sure was
that right here
and now,
she was falling hard
and she could
only pray that
he was feeling the
same way.