Imperfection Perfection

I am too old to find interest solely in the surface and shell of you. With your loving heart, truthful soul, sparkling eyes and radiant smile I am mesmerized. It is within your imperfect perfection that I see the greatest beauty in you.

Inspirational author and positivity originator, Shannon L. Alder
kintsugi04Your soulmate
wasn’t suppose
to be perfect.
You were meant
to see the cracks
in her soul
and fill them
with what you
have and she
was meant
to see yours.
Together you
would be

A Lastingly Memorable Moment

…carves memories from the usual and commonplace by making the mundane into remarkable and the ordinary into exceptional. Something as common as sharing fortune cookie messages becomes a lastingly memorable moment we’ve shared.

“Thoughts on Love” by James Browning
A loud and deafening roar
hidden in silence;
A brilliant flash of light
concealed in darkness;
A complicated language
too mysterious for words;
A flavor mystifying
and secreted beyond taste;
A touch so delicate
and tender it cannot be felt;
Love is known only
by a sensingĀ of the heart.