Pure and Unspoiled

…can make a walk in the woods a tenderly secret adventure known only and for always to the two who shared it. Untold to anyone else, the rapture of that afternoon remains pure and unspoiled and will until after our last breaths are drawn.

Author of “Codependent No More”, Melody Beattie
boy-and-girl-couple-girl-kiss-love-Favim_com-115988I trust
so much in
the power
of the heart
and the soul;
I know
that the answer
to what
we need
to do next is in our
own hearts.
All we have to do
is listen…

Beautiful Mysteries

… arrives with beautiful mysteries; “Have I somehow known you before? How else can the uncommon familiarity I feel with you be possible? Is the familiar I see in you a reflection of me in you or you in me?” The heart knows secrets it never fully reveals.

American author Maggie Stiefvater
You’re like
a song
that I heard
when I was
a little kid
but forgot
I knew
until I
it again.

The Last Test and Proof

…is easy, yet challenging. The ease is falling in love when discovering someone truly special and deserving of one’s affection. The challenge is trying to love with a fresh and brave heart even thought it has been broken many times before.

Quote from Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke
For one human being
to love another
is perhaps
the most difficult
of our tasks;
the ultimate,
the last test and proof;
the work for which
all other work
is but preparation.

You Are a Flower

I love…
…learning about you and coming to know more fully the person you are. Like a flower one must know you for a long time to see you fully in bloom.

Taken from “Falling in Love” by Freida Martinez
My love
blooms for you
like a flower in spring
like a piece of art
it’s a beautiful thing.
I hold to it gently
and feel its light glow
into my heart.