No Regrets

No matter what, I love you. Nothing can change that. Loving you is the best, most difficult thing I have ever done. I don’t regret a minute of it nor will I ever.

From “Magic Bleeds” by husband & wife writing team “Ilona Andrews”
DSC_0114We live
in a dangerous
If you see a
chance to be
you have to
fight for it,
so later
you have
no regrets.

Worth the Risk

My Love…
You have a colorful past and were known to be ‘wild’. It’s taken a while but I believe it when you say you’re past all that. The only way to know for sure is to believe in you and hope for the best. You’re worth the risk.

American novelist, short story writer and painter William S. Burroughs
I-believe-in-youThere is no intensity
of love or feeling
that does not involve
the risk of
crippling hurt.
It is a duty to
take this risk,
to love and feel
without defense
or reserve.

All The More Loveable

…is knowing someone down to their childish silliness and learning to love them for it. It’s seeing clearly what at first one wishes would change, then realizing it’s a piece of the beloved that unexpectedly makes the person all the more loveable.

American author, biographer and novelist Elizabeth M. Gilbert
im_35To be
fully seen
by somebody,
and be
loved anyhow –
this is a human
that can
on miraculous.

Love What You’ve Got

I love…
…how patient you are with me when I get off on tangents and just talk and talk. Thank you for your indulgence and the caring heart that has tolerance for some of my not so good traits.

Quoted frequently but written by an author unknown
You’ve got to take
The good with the bad,
Smile with the sad,
Love what you’ve got,
And remember what you had.
Always forgive,
But never forget.
Learn from mistakes,
But never regret.