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My Darling…
Loving you is not easy sometimes. We are unlike in many ways. I knew from the start there would be challenges. Just know the place you have in my heart is permanent and I’ll walk with you through anything. I love you.

Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke
lovetrustquotesFor one human
being to love
that is perhaps
the most
of our tasks;
the ultimate,
the last test
and proof,
the work for
which all other
work is but

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When you’re in a bad mood, I love you. When I don’t understand why you’re acting a particular way, I love you. When you lose your cool, I love you. When you hardly notice I’m here, I love you. Plainly and simply, I love you.

American romantic novelist and producer Nicholas Sparks

love-spells4 editWe fell in love,
despite our
and once we did,
something rare
and beautiful
was created.
For me, love like that
has only happened once,
and that’s why every minute
we spent together
has been seared
in my memory.
I’ll never forget
a single moment of it.

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My Darling…
Often I wonder what will become of ‘us’, but every time I do the same answer comes: somehow, someway we’ll be together. Our love feels as certain as the sun rising each morning and the moon coming up each night.

From “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom
your kissPeople say
they ‘find’ love,
as if it were
an object
hidden by a rock.
But love takes
many forms,
and it is
never the same
for any man and woman.
What people find then
is a certain love.
And [he] found
a certain love with [her],
a grateful love,
a deep
but quiet love,
one that he knew,
above all else,
was irreplaceable.

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My Darling…
Love does not always move in a straight line. Sometimes it takes a leap forward or backward when tested. From difficulty love either withers or is made stronger by what is overcome; as we have.

By an anonymous writer / author unknown
Happy coupleEveryone says love hurts,
but that is not true.
Loneliness hurts.
Rejection hurts.
Losing someone hurts.
Envy hurts.
Everyone gets these things
confused with love.
But in reality love
is the only thing
in this world
that covers up
all the pain
and makes someone
feel wonderful again.

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My Love…
Damage can’t be undone and words spoken can not be retracted. However, I believe like wind strengthens the roots of a tree so it can stand strong, we’ll be stronger if we can let the misplaced emotions fade into the past.

Taken from a greeting card by “American Greeting”
Yman-with-rose-at-doorou give
to my life.
I can not
You fill
my heart
for a
You are
the love
of my

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My Love…
Without hurry or excess it it is you I have loved best. There have been trials but we bested every one and became stronger for overcoming them. With full consciousness and great gratitude I love you without reservation.

From a book of reflections on love collected by Emily H. Sell
is a force
that connects us
to every strand
of the universe,
an unconditional
state that
human nature,
a form of
that is always
there for us
if only we
can open
ourselves to it.

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My Darling…
How I feel about you is neither fragile or tentative. My love comes with a certainty that no matter what happens I will always carry you safely in my heart through time eternal.

From the song “Till the End of Time” by Chopin, Kaye and Mossman
643886Till the end of time,
long as stars
are in the blue
Long as
there’s a spring
of birds to sing
I’ll go on
loving you.
Till the end of time,
long as roses
bloom in May
My love for you
will grow deeper
with every
passing day.

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