My heart was broken, then shattered again and a third time, and more. I settled. I was hurt by staying where I shouldn’t have. I spent years alone. I learned. I healed. I grew. So by the time you came along I was ready to love and be loved.

By an Elephant Article by Kate Rose
reknitted heart…our deepest
is only meant
to help lead
us to the love
of our life
without it,
we might
never know
what that
looks like.

Strengthens A Loving Heart

…shows a profoundly innate quality when the heart grants forgiveness. It is usually the difference between the death of love or its rebirth. Forgiveness strengthens a loving heart.

Australian poet, playwright and novelist Alison Croggon
heartbeatWe are all
sometimes we do
wrong things,
things that have
bad consequences.
But it does not
mean we are evil,
or that we cannot
be trusted
ever afterward.