Eternal and True

Loving you does not mean I don’t see your faults and shortcomings. Well aware of many, I easily choose not to notice them hardly at all. That I can love you for a thousand things and barely notice a few dozen makes my love for you eternal and true.

From “Born Ready” by Jennifer Elisabeth
imperfect heartI love
in ways
that I
to other
They don’t
it’s not

Lean In

The experience of my heart urges caution. My memory says be careful. My spirit says “lean in” and let yourself be known. I hesitate. Yet there is something about you that attracts me like iron to a magnet.

German-born poet, novelist, and painter Hermann Karl Hesse
lean in copyLove must
the strength
to become
Then it
to be
and begins
to attract.

All Along

It’s in the difficult times I know I love you most. Never is there a thought of moving away from you. My mind feels the same as my heart: love for you in a thousand ways.

Third century Persian Sufi poet, scholar and theologian, Rumi
rose captureThe minute
I heard
my first
love story,
I started
looking for you,
not knowing
how blind
that was.
Lovers don’t
finally meet
They’re in each
other all along.

Found You, Again.

When I allow myself to only feel without thought, it is as if I have always known you. Through different lifetimes I have carried this love in my heart to the present. Now is a good time. I have found you, again.

By American Fantasy Writer and Novelist Daniel C Nielsen
reunitedAn awakened man can
touch the heart of the woman
he loves without touching
her, just by opening his soul
and whispering her name.
And even then, it’s not the words.
The heart can convey expressions
of love without anything
being said. There is a
silent language that two people
in love understand, and neither
time nor distance is a barrier.
When their souls meet,
their senses are heightened,
energy flows, and a deep intimacy
is formed, as if the two have
known each other from eternity past.
That’s the power of the soul
and love at work.

Inside and Out

…can be denied, but not hidden from one’s self. Nor can it be made to exist by admission when it is not at home within someone. I have been guilty of denial before and admitting what was not wholly true, but for you my love is real both inside and out.

Author, poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau
a light,
it is
a flame.