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…and its contradictions and inconsistencies are blissfully maddening. Nothing on Earth is so sought after yet understood so little. It is in loving that humans are best taught the lesson of hope: without love there is no faith and without faith there can be no love.

13th-century Persian poet and mystic Rumi
The minute
I heard
my first
love story,
I started
for you,
not knowing
how blind
that was.

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…almost never announces its coming in advance. Instead it arrives like being unexpectedly side-swiped in a sudden collision with nothing to show for it’s impact on the outside; only inside is one changed.

English playwright and novelist Charles Langbridge Morgan
There is
no surprise
more magical
than the
of being
It is God’s
finger on

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…crescendos when we see each other after being apart for a few weeks. Anticipation becomes a sweet rhythm in the heart and the moment when we are together again brings a rush of positive feelings.

Best selling American author L. J. Smith
You don’t
love someone
because of their looks
or their clothes
or their car.
You love them
because they sing
a song only
your heart
can understand.

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…had has stirred our spirits together and connected us at the heart. For how long is an unnecessary question, for once combined we can never be completely separated.

American author of young adult literature Carolyn Mackler
I love
that existence
itself is
all about
the tangling
of souls.

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…is the natural order of things. The very reason for men and women’s existence is to love and be loved. Ultimately there is nothing else worth having.

Taken from “Resignation” by Nikki Giovanni
I love you
because the Earth turns around the sun,
because the North wind blows north
because the Pope is Catholic,
and most Rabbis Jewish,
because winters flow into springs,
and the air clears after a storm,
because only my love for you,
despite the charms or gravity
keeps me from falling off this Earth
into another dimension.
I love you
because it is the natural order of things…

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…can not be predicted, nor can it be made to appear. It is like a phantom one does not see until, with surprise, it is upon you. Love kneels before no one, but bends all who receive her.

From “Meditations” by Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius
the things
to which fate
binds you,
and love
the people
with whom fate
brings you
but do so
with all your heart.

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…felt for someone in the past never completely fades away. It may be injured, hidden, ignored, diminished or locked away but it never completely dies as long as one breathes.

English novelist, short story writer E.M. Forster
It isn’t possible
to love and part.
You will wish
that it was.
You can
transmute love,
ignore it, muddle it,
but you can never
pull it out of you.
I know by experience
that the poets are right:
love is eternal.

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