The Certainty in My Heart

I love…
…the certainty I feel in my heart. It’s important to me that you know my loving feelings for you are strong and resilient. Be confident in that…. I am.

“The Quicker to See You Again” by Lois Wyse
We reached the corner of the street,
And you turned and walked away.
But not I.
I ran.
I ran from you as quickly as I could.
I felt your eyes upon my fast-retreating back
And knew that you kept turning ’round
to watch me run away.
But what you could not know
As I ran down the street
Was that I ran because
I cannot bear to walk away from you.

Silently I let It Fall

I love…
…that you are learning not to be afraid to cry and are coming to know the healing quality of tears. Sometimes they’re the best cure for what ails us. Always I am glad to hold you in my arms anytime that will help the pain and sadness pass.

Poem by American poet Marge Tindall
I shed a tear today.
Silently, I felt it fall.
You caught it,
shared it,
held it,
felt it,
it wasn’t so
big after all.

Gentle and Kind

I love…
…that the pain we went through earlier in our lives causes us to be so gentle and kind to each other now. Being mistreated by others and knowing heartbreak softened us.

From a letter Ronald Reagan wrote to Nancy Reagan
Man can’t live
without a heart
and you
are my heart,
by far the nicest thing
about me…
There would be
no life without you
nor would I want any.

I Trust You

I love…
…that you are not afraid to tell me what scares you or makes you sad. I am honored to be the one you confide in and lean on as you work through old pain, mistakes and heartaches.

Original Author Unknown
I trust you,
because saying
I trust you
is more special
than saying
I love you.
You can’t always
trust the person
you love,
but you can
love a person
you can trust.

From Instinct and Intuition Alone

I love…
…you with a feeling beyond thought and logic; apart from reason and common sense; above wisdom and below rationale. From instinct and intuition alone does my heart move toward you.

Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho
I think that perhaps
we always fall in love
the very first time we see
the person of our dreams,
even though, at the time,
reason may be telling
otherwise, and we may fight
against that instinct,
hoping against hope
that we won’t win,
until there comes a point
when we allow ourselves
to be vanquished by our feelings…

Never So Vulnerable

I love…
…that you are not afraid to admit to me when you feel vulnerable or fearful. Knowing that does not come easy for you makes me know all the more how much you trust me.

American Painter, Writer, and Naturalist Walter “Bob” Anderson
so vulnerable
than when we
but paradoxically,
if we
neither can
we find
or joy

To Love More

I love…
…how interested you always are in what I do, think and hope for. The way you encourage me to go after my dreams makes me stronger than I am by myself.

19th Century American Writer David Henry Thoreau