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…pours adrenaline into the blood, increases blood pressure and accelerates the heart. It moves mind and spirit until all are playing in a spontaneous symphony in near perfect pitch.

Scottish historical novelist and dramatic writer Jane Porter
Happiness is a sunbeam
which may pass through
a thousand bosoms
without losing a particle
of its original ray;
nay, when it strikes
on a kindred heart,
like the converged light
on a mirror,
it reflects itself
with redoubled brightness.
It is not perfected till it is shared.

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…is old. Love is new. Love gives. Love steals. Love fulfills. Loves empties. Love is hopeful. Love is hopeless. Love is bright and colorful. Love is dark and drab. Love is a contradiction filled with ambiguity; but when balanced between its polar opposites love can be wondrously nourishing and satisfying.

Early 20th century American writer L. O. Baird.
May no gift
be too small
to give,
nor too
to receive,
which is
wrapped in
and tied with love.

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…bridges gaps, fills crevices and lights the unknown. It allows a person known only for days to feel like an old friend and one known for years to seem like they have always been there at your side.

Irish novelist and poet James Joyce
His heart danced
upon her movements
like a cork upon a tide.
He heard what
her eyes said
to him from beneath
their cowl
and knew that
in some dim past,
whether in life
or revery, he had heard
their tale before.

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…is an elixir for life. A dose can temper sadness; give strength to the sick; lend hope to the hopeless and help a broken heart to feel again. All this and more I have felt since love brought us together.

A group of sayings about love assembled into a poem
Insanity and love are very much alike;
you’re crazy in both states.
Love can make you do things
that you never thought possible!
Because something won’t last forever,
doesn’t mean it can’t last a lifetime.
Love brings tears to our eyes;
yet it also brings smiles upon our lips.
Love looks not with the eyes,
but with the heart and soul!
When I say I love you,
I mean I accept you the way you are
and I expect the same from you.
You need trust to love,
but first you need to love in order to trust.
Be true to love,
and love will be true to you.

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…can not be owned for it is the owner; love can not be possessed for it is the possessor; love can not be a slave for it is the master. To be in control of love is as impossible as directing the sky to do one’s will.

Contemporary romance author Rachael Wade
Love couldn’t be moved
by circumstance,
poor choices,
or even blatant lies;
skewed and damaged, yes,
but the heart can’t deny
what it wants most
once the desire is planted.
Whether in bliss or affliction,
love owns you all the same.

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…is the stuff that makes a difficult morning easier to bear; sickness quicker to recover from; smiles to be more prevalent; and contentment to be a closer ally.

American poet and writer Margaret Abigail Walker Alexander

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…spans distance.  If you are across town or we are separated by thousands of miles, the same sun will shine on both of us; the same moon will be in the night sky we see. It’s a simple connection fastened with great strength.

American psychiatrist and author David Viscott
is to

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