Was, Is and Shall Be

…”IS”; simply and unequivocally. There is no absolute proof it exists or a certain plausible explanation for how it works. With a knowing that exceeds rational thought there is no doubt; love was, is and shall be always.

Poet, fiction-writer and philosopher C. Joybell C.
I wanted
to say:
“I found love!”
But now,
I want
to say:
“I found a person.
And he belongs
to me and
I belong to him.

Hold Dear Every Morsel

…is not easy, most often lasting for too short of a time. That makes it no less meaningful. There is no failure. Every bit of love felt and received matters. Hold dear every morsel for the precious gift it is.

American poet and blogger Coco J. Ginger
272 EDITI say this to you now:
I love you, with no beginning,
no end. I love you as you have
become an extra necessary
organ in my body.
I love you as only a girl
could love a boy.
Without fear.
Without expectations.
Wanting nothing in return,
except that you allow me
to keep you here in my heart,
that I may always know your strength,
your eyes, and your spirit
that gave me freedom and let me fly.

Nothing More…

…comes to those who still hope even though they’ve been disappointed; to those who still believe even though they’ve been betrayed; to those who still love even thought they’ve been hurt before.

By an obscure author known only as J.H. Li
sunset love !189062198_926b4aca9bThere is nothing
more painful
than seeing
you love
someone else.
But there is
nothing more
rewarding than
seeing two
people you love
loving each other.

A Single Shared Flame

…requires two kindred sparks to make a single shared flame. Over time each must fuel the other in some semblance of balance or their fire will flounder.

American clergyman and social reformer Henry Ward Beecher
Lovers-In-Flames-HD-Wallpaper EDIT02Love cannot
It needs to
be wanted.
Like a lamp,
it needs
to be fed
out of the oil
of another’s
or its flame
burns low.

Known Fact and Part Enigma

…is part known fact and part enigma; both explainable and inexplicable at the same time. You know for certain when it’s present yet can offer no concrete proof what so ever to anyone else of what you feel.

French-speaking Swiss author Germaine de Staël
is the
it confounds
all notion
of time;
of a
all fear
of an end.

Are You?

…hears the mind ask “are you the one?” The answer is already being sung in soft harmony between two hearts. You just have to get very still and quietly listen to hear what is being said.

From “Are you?” by British author Marie C. Stopes
abstract heartAre you
the body
of Love,
The incarnate dream?
Have you
hot power
in your limbs,
Swift fire
in your veins
To tighten
the chords
in my heart,
To make
quiver the reins?


Delightful Madness

…brings a most beautiful insanity. Knowing all Earthbound loved ones are eventually lost to us here, or us to them, but loving anyway is delightful madness. Knowing fully this form of ‘crazy’ is life’s most valuable gift.

French novelist George San (Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin)

Extravagant and Bold

… of youth is extravagant and bold with feelings fresh and new. Both captivating and confusing is the arrival of first love: a beautiful paradox.

From Young Love by American lyrical poet Sara Teasdale
name in the sandI wrote his name along the beach,
I love the letters so.
Far up it seemed and out of reach,
For still the tide was low.
But oh, the sea came creeping up,
And washed the name away,
And on the sand where it had been
A bit of sea-grass lay.
A bit of sea-grass on the sand,
Dropped from a mermaid’s hair —
Ah, had she come to kiss his name
And leave a token there?

Take Someone’s Breath Away

…makes the bearer both stronger and weaker. Strength comes in knowing someone stands behind ready to catch you when you fall. Weakness arrives in accepting the one loved might leave you to fall hard without them. Only true love makes such risk and paradox worth facing.

Taken from “My Sister’s Keeper” by Joei Picoult
couples-kissing- Love_large EDITTrue love
is felonious…
You take
breath away…
You rob them
of the ability
to utter
a single word…
You steal a heart.