With You By My Side

My Dear…
If you could see into my heart you would be amazed how much of the space there is occupied by my love for you. Faster than I believed possible you have conquered me with your smile, passion and love.

http://www.romance-love.net/2013/07/my-heart-is-yours-love-poems.html (By Pete Weelmaa)
p-romantic-pictures-009My heart is yours
for the taking
for it has always been
yours and yours alone.
I’ve laid all that I am
on the table for you to see;
I hold no secrets
from your eyes.
Let me be the one
that earns your love,
let me be the one
to end the tears
and fears of disappointment;
let me show you
what real love
could be like…
you complete the dream of
where I want to be;
which is,
with you by my side.