An Overwhelming Conviction

My Dear…
There is no enchantment grander than what is happening between us. Like the poems, books, movies and songs all say… I am no longer fully myself without you. We’re falling in love. Nothing ever felt this good before.

From ‘Henrietta Temple’ by English aristocrat Benjamin Disraeli
Couple%20Dancing%20At%20Sunset EDIT LONGAmid the gloom
and travail of existence
suddenly to behold
a beautiful being,
and as instantaneously to
feel an overwhelming conviction
that with that fair form for ever
our destiny must be entwined;
that there is no more joy
than in her joy, no sorrow
but when she grieves;
that in her sigh of love,
in her smile of fondness,
hereafter all is bliss;
An immortal flame burns
in the breast of that man
who adores and is adored.