Until the End of Time

… taught me the day you stole my heart, I would always love you. Without a doubt that will always be true. My love for you will out live me for at least a hundred years; maybe two…

From the poem”Have I Ever Told You” by Gianella Ramirez
middleAgedCouple EDITHave I ever told you
When I stand still
I can hear the beating of your heart,
Beating along with mine?
Have I ever told you
When my arms feel empty
I hug myself and, somehow, I feel the warmth
Of your body embracing mine?
Have I ever told you
when I’m missing you
I close my eyes and in my mind
I’m safe in your arms?
Have I ever told you
No matter how this world separates us
We are still one person
Until the end of time?