Wonderful and Good

…can arrive with a force so full it almost knocks one off their feet. The feeling is one of awe, wonder and even fear about what is happening while knowing at the same time it is wonderful and good.

From “On the Grounds of Love’s Arrival by ‘Rex’
newOn the grounds of love’s arrival,
you’ve inspired me to sing.
I’m in tune to all the blessings,
through the comforts that you bring.
Now to welcome nature’s colors,
shining free within the light.
Morning skies above the setting,
glowing elegant, and bright.
On the grounds of love’s arrival,
I’m so moved by what I find.
Through the ways of clear reflections,
songs of hope to be refined.
Well complete within each moment,
’cause our love’s a timeless dance.
Through your graceful, soft affections,
heartfelt soul you so enhance.