The Same Sky

…adores the rain. It magnifies the senses while sitting quietly absorbing the sights and sounds of a thunderstorm. Through distance the same sky that brings the rain connects the two of us underneath it.

“Slake – A Rainy Love Poem” by British poet Holly Anne
Couple in the rain, no_ 3   8 X 10  oil on paperIt’s pouring outside.
It brings your licked-lip
smile to mind. Kind rain
plopping heavy to skin:
dusty to shimmering
in a summer storm
instant. Flash floods.
Drenched our shirts,
swayed our spines.
Flip-flopped toes curled
thirsty in puddles, drops
bounced and burst.
You were my dewy drink.
Washed me clean inside
and out. Slaked every
ache. It’s pouring outside.
It’s beautiful – so are you,
still. Tonight I am parched.