It Is So Rare

…is knowing I can depend on you. When I need help you’re always willing to lend a hand. When I need someone to listen you open your ears, heart and mind to me. As good as our love is, our friendship is even better.

French Romantic composer and writer Hector Berlioz
It is so rare…
to find a complete person,
with a soul,
a heart
and an imagination;
so rare for characters as ardent
and restless as ours
to meet
and to be matched together,
that I hardly know
how to tell you
what happiness
it gives me
to know you.

A Great Comfort

… Love is a sense that comes without doubt and question; a simple, but certain knowing. There is graceful comfort in knowing there is true love in your heart for me.

Contemporary Italian writer C. Joybell C.
We have to allow ourselves to be loved
by the people who really love us,
the people who really matter.
Too much of the time,
we are blinded by our own pursuits
of people to love us,
people that don’t even matter,
while all… the people who do love us
have to stand on the sidewalk
and watch us beg in the streets!
It’s time to put an end to this.
It’s time for us to let ourselves be loved.

Comforting Angel and Protective Warrior

…is not just an ingredient of joy and happiness. It is a shield against grief, a defender against sadness, armor from loneliness and a guardian of faith in one’s self. Love is both comforting angel and protective warrior at the same time.

American businessman and public servant Nelson Rockefeller

When I Really Need It

…means I will listen when you want to be heard; I will try to understand when you wish to be understood; I will hug you when you need to feel safe; I will hold your hand when you lose your way; and I will tell you how much you matter when you doubt your worth.

An old traditional Swedish Proverb
Love me
when I
deserve it,
I really
need it.

One Created Out of Two

…brings easy sensing of what one’s beloved feels. Happiness spills, sadness trickles, joy drips and grief drops from one person to the other as the border of separated emotions is no longer clear when “one” out of “two” is created.

Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer Kahlil Gibran
Love one another,
but make not
a bond of love:
Let it rather be
a moving sea
between the shores
of your souls.

Silly and Serious

…should be silly and serious to the full extent possible so it is carved as deeply true as love is capable of becoming. Silliness and laughter is just as important as holding each other through the greatest of painful tragedies. The broader the scope of what can be easily shared, the greater the depth love will further grow to.

From the movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces”
We all want to fall in love. Why?
Because that experience makes us
feel completely alive,
where every sense is heightened,
and every emotion is magnified.
Our everyday reality is shattered
and we are flying into the heavens.
It may only last a moment, an hour,
or an afternoon,
but that doesn’t diminish its value,
because we are left with memories
that we treasure for the rest of our lives.

What Nourishes Our Existence

IS! That says what I feel clearer than any quantity of words can.

Brazilian lyricist and novelist Pablo Coelho
Regardless of whether we love
a dozen times
in our life,
we always face a brand-new situation.
Love can send us to hell or paradise,
but it always takes us somewhere.
We simply have to accept it,
because it is what nourishes our existence…

Slowly Being Revealed

…and its true meaning only now do I get first real glimpses of. Before I mistook neediness, wanting, fantasy, longing, yearning and craving to be love when actually such is its opposite. As children learn, love’s meaning is slowly being revealed to us.

English novelist, poet, playwright and painter D. H. Lawrence
Those that go
searching for love,
only manifest
their own loveless-ness.
And the loveless
never find love,
only the loving find love.
And they never
have to seek for it.

Still We Are

…is a spark in my heart from knowing someone cares about me as I really am. You know of the light of my goodness and of the darkness of my wickedness yet gladly, still we “are”.

From “Divan-e Shams” by Rumi translated R. A. Nicholson
Through Love
all that is bitter will be sweet.
Through Love
all that is copper will be gold.
Through Love
all dregs will turn to purest wine.
Through Love
all pain will turn to medicine.
Through Love
the dead will all become alive.
Through Love the
king will turn into a slave!

A Fixation of the Heart

…is a fixation of the heart I’ve never understood. I’ve chased it and run away from it. Anxiety has kept it away and trust has brought it close. Desire has given it fire and fear has smothered it. Even in all its confusing ways, I am grateful to be sharing love with you.

“Love” by James Browning
Amuses and confuses;
Bemuses and misuses;
Enthuses and refuses;
Fuses and bruises;
Chooses and loses;
Excuses and accuses…
All these things and more
Comes with love’s adore.