A Beautiful Paradox of Opposites

…makes no sense. It is illogical, uncertain, tentative, hard and often sorrowful. Love makes sense. It is logical, certain, sure, easy and happy. Love is a beautiful paradox of opposites.

“I Know Not” by James Browning
Is it her smile or the curl of her hair?
I really can’t tell yet, I’m still unaware.
Why like iron to magnet am I pulled her way?
I have no logic about that which I can display.
It is tenderness of her hand’s gentle touch?
That answer I wish I knew so very much.
Why like an angel does she appear to me?
I know sure its true, yet no proof do I see.
Is it her kiss or body next to mine in a hug?
That certain answer is only known high above.
Why is she near yet so distant and far away?
Only guesses I offer, No answer can I say.
Is she going to be with me never or soon?
At near Noon or at night under a bright moon?
Is she running away from me, never to return?
I know not except for her I yearn and yearn.