Upon the Starry Skies

I love…
…the glint in your eye when we first make eye contact and the little smile that follows soon after. There is no better way I know of to be greeted by someone you love.

“Enchanted Dream” by Claudia Watenpuhl
I soared upon the starry skies.
I sang of angels lullabies.
I saw the light of silver dreams,
And waded deep in diamond streams.
I heard the laughter of children’s play
And danced upon the sunlit rays.
I heard the echo of silver chimes
As destiny and love intertwined.
I touched an angels ivory wing
And listened to their chorus sing.
I held a dove within my hand
And laid upon the ruby sand.
I dreamed a dream of endless time
Where golden moons forever shine.
I breathed within loves purity
The day you gave your heart to me.